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Spotlight on Eastlands Mature Lifestyle Estate

Eastlands Mature Lifestyle Estate in Benoni North combines luxurious sectional title investment homes with premium wellness, healthcare, and frail care services within a secure and picturesque setting. Geared towards active and self-reliant individuals aged 50 and above, Eastlands offers a valuable asset promising a rewarding lifestyle and long-term financial returns. The Lifestyle Centre prioritises health and fitness with amenities like pools, a gym, and a bowling green, while the Healthcare and Wellness Centre, managed by CareLife, ensures residents’ future healthcare needs are met with a homely touch. Eastlands also provides convenient services such as pet-friendly units, a restaurant, and robust security measures, making it an appealing choice for retirees and property investors alike.

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Meet Eastland residents – Nico and Ellen Martins

Nico and Ellen Martins, residents of Eastlands Mature Lifestyle Estate in Benoni North, moved to this over-50s community in March 2018 after thorough research on retirement choices. They were attracted to the peaceful countryside environment of the estate, as well as its proximity to both the airport and city amenities. The flexibility of choosing from various building plans, ranging from one and two-bedroom units to three and four-bedroom free-standing houses, was another factor in their decision-making process. Nico and Ellen also considered the estate’s comprehensive facilities, including home-based care, health and frail care services, security, home and garden maintenance, and a restaurant.

Before becoming Eastlands residents, Nico and Ellen had spent 31 years in their Glenvista, Johannesburg home, cherishing that period in their life journey. However, recognising the need for lifestyle changes in preparation for the future, they moved to Eastlands. Despite their attachment to their former area, the absence of Mature Lifestyle Centres comparable to Eastlands led them to make the move.

They particularly appreciate the beautifully maintained gardens with ponds and walkways and the convenience of housekeeping, laundry, and gardening maintenance services. The estate’s friendly residents and the opportunity to enjoy walks in the adjacent farming areas are added bonuses. The estate offers a well-established library, a boardroom for business meetings, and a restaurant with an extensive à la carte menu, daily buffet meals, and a bar service. The restaurant also hosts regular functions for entertainment and private resident gatherings.

In terms of their social life within the estate, while they continue to work from home several days a week, Nico and Ellen find comfort in knowing that numerous social activities are available when they choose to partake. They often go on motorcycle rides with a small group and frequently organise dinner gatherings with their close friends from the estate at the restaurant.

The estate offers a wide range of activities, including bowls, table tennis, bingo, quiz nights, card games, and fitness classes. There are also opportunities for gardening and crafting, including a hobby room for sewing, knitting, and crafting enthusiasts. When time allows, Ellen enjoys attending the Courage Girls, who arrange coffee mornings and host interesting speakers.

When asked if they had any additional insights to offer, they recommended that anyone contemplating a move to Eastlands should start by visiting the estate and enjoying a meal at the restaurant. For them, living in the countryside is a blessing, although shopping centres may be a bit farther away. However, the estate offers a weekly shuttle service to a shopping mall and an airport drop-off service. Eastlands is ready for possible water issues with large water tanks, and the Lifestyle Centre is not affected by loadshedding as it has its own generator and solar power.

Spotlight on Sondela Senior Lifestyle Estate

Nestled in the picturesque bushveld of Limpopo, Sondela’s over 50 Lifestyle Estate offers an idyllic retirement haven for those seeking a peaceful and secure living environment. With its close proximity to Pretoria, the estate provides easy access to city amenities while immersing residents in the breathtaking beauty of nature. Sondela is a premier Bela-Bela resort, offering a family-oriented atmosphere and a deep commitment to preserving and nurturing the natural environment. From rare game sightings to educational programmes and rehabilitation initiatives, Sondela embraces a holistic approach to life and nature. The estate’s retirement homes are thoughtfully designed, allowing residents to enjoy the convenience of nearby facilities and an array of activities, including game drives and access to the acclaimed Iketla spa. Whether you’re planning for retirement or already retired, Sondela Nature Reserve and Spa offers a sanctuary where residents can connect with nature, find tranquillity, and create cherished memories for a lifetime.

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Meet Sondela Residents Shirley and Philip Roach

The Roaches moved to the estate after starting the construction of their house in early 2021 and completing it towards the end of the same year. The allure of living amidst nature’s beauty, coupled with their desire to embrace a peaceful retirement away from the city, led them to make the decision to call Sondela home.

Having always been city dwellers and previously resided in bustling Centurion, the Roaches now revel in the tranquillity that Sondela offers. They thoroughly enjoy observing the diverse wildlife that meanders through their gardens and value their neighbours’ shared appreciation for nature. With Bela-Bela conveniently nearby for shopping needs and Pretoria within reachable distance, they have found the perfect balance between the African bush and necessary amenities.

Even though the estate is still relatively small, there is a great sense of community, and the Roaches have developed close relationships with their neighbours, enjoying get-togethers every so often. Additionally, they belong to a Pilates group that travels to Bela-Bela twice a week for exercise.

As residents of Sondela’s Senior Lifestyle Estate, Phillip and Shirley take advantage of the various amenities. They frequently explore the extensive bicycle trails, enjoying walks and bike rides amidst the picturesque surroundings. The swimming pools offer refreshing leisure options, especially during the summer months. They appreciate the privilege of going on game drives within the reserve, something they often do. Residents are encouraged to have friends and family visit them on the estate, and Shirley and Phillip have created special memories, particularly with their granddaughter.

Asked what advice they would give those considering moving to an estate, the Roaches emphasised the importance of familiarising oneself with the estate’s rules. They suggested carefully reviewing and understanding the regulations to ensure they align with personal preferences. Sondela’s strict rules are designed to protect and maintain the core values of the estate, ensuring unspoiled natural surroundings, a rustic farm-style experience, safety and security, comfortable living, an active outdoor lifestyle, good governance, financial sustainability, and competitive market value.

Ubuntu in Action – The inspiring legacy of the Donaldson Trust

Mandela Month, celebrated annually in July, is a special time dedicated to honouring the extraordinary legacy of Nelson Mandela. This month serves as a global call to action, encouraging people from all walks of life to embrace the spirit of ubuntu – the philosophy of compassion, empathy, and unity. It is a time for individuals and communities to engage in acts of kindness, service, and social upliftment.

Chartered client Benjy Donaldson is the epitome of someone who embraces the spirit of ubuntu. He actively manages the Donaldson Trust, founded in 1936 by his grandfather, Lieutenant Colonel James Donaldson. Benjy has been involved with the Trust for over 50 years. The Donaldson Trust is the oldest private trust fund dedicated to improving black social development in South Africa. Colonel Donaldson’s profound concern for the rights of black South Africans was ignited in 1935 when he witnessed draft legislation that aimed to strip them of their voting rights in the Cape. He took action by financing the All-African Congress leaders’ trip to Cape Town to lobby MPs and rally public support, successfully thwarting the passage of the bill.

Throughout its history, the Donaldson Trust has relentlessly addressed the profound inequalities in South African society. It has played a vital role in constructing essential infrastructure such as hospitals, dams, schools, and universities, including the renowned Donaldson Wing at Fort Hare University and the iconic Donaldson Orlando Community Centre (DOCC) in Soweto. The DOCC holds significant historical value, having witnessed Nelson Mandela’s boxing journey and Miriam Makeba’s first-ever performance.

The Trust’s dedication to uplifting the disadvantaged encompasses a wide array of projects, spanning education, youth initiatives, HIV/AIDS-related programs, agricultural support, mental health, disability initiatives, and hospices. According to Benjy, the Trust focuses on seed money projects, not ongoing funding. Operating on a pro bono basis, the trustees meet quarterly at the Priory of St John in Westcliff, Johannesburg, to allocate funds solely towards empowerment and upliftment. For Benjy and the trustees, it’s not just about giving funds but understanding the challenges many face and fostering genuine change.

Benjy is very humble about the impact the Trust has made on the lives of South Africans over the years. Yet, the legacy created by his family serves as a reminder that each of us has the power to make a difference, no matter how small our actions may seem.

How balanced is your life in retirement?

We firmly believe that achieving balance is fundamental to a successful retirement. Life encompasses various facets, and neglecting one can have a ripple effect on others. In the hustle and bustle of life, attaining balance often feels like an uphill battle; some areas are given more attention than others.

There is a fantastic quote by Jana Kingsford that says, “Balance is not something you find; it’s something you create.” Achieving balance is not passive; it requires active effort and conscious choices.

That’s why we have identified eight essential elements that form the foundation of a more balanced and meaningful retirement: work, give-back, relationships, money, learning, health, purpose and play.

It’s often a good idea to check in with yourself and reflect on how balanced your life is. As a reminder, let’s dive deeper into each area of the Wheel of Balance and explore what they encompass.

1. Work

Work in retirement goes beyond financial rewards and working 9-5! It’s about finding meaningful engagements that bring a sense of purpose to your life. Whether pursuing a passion project, starting a new venture, mentoring people or starting a side hustle, work adds structure and a sense of contribution to your retirement journey.

2. Give-back

Giving back is not limited to charity work; it’s about making a positive impact and leaving a legacy. It can involve volunteering, mentoring, or supporting causes that resonate with your values. Giving back to others lifts our spirits, makes us happier and makes our lives richer.

3. Relationships

True wealth lies in the people you share your life with. Cultivating and maintaining meaningful relationships and nurturing connections with family, friends, and community all lead to a fulfilling retirement.

4. Money

Money plays a significant role in retirement, but it’s not just about accumulating wealth. It’s about understanding your financial resources, managing them wisely, and aligning them with your desired lifestyle. Is your money serving you, or are you serving it?

5. Learning

Retirement is an ideal time to continue learning and expanding your knowledge. It could involve pursuing new interests and acquiring new skills. Embracing a curious and growth-oriented mindset keeps your mind active.

6. Health

Prioritising your physical and mental well-being is crucial. Regular exercise, healthy habits, and self-care practices ensure you have the energy and vitality to fully embrace life’s adventures.

7. Purpose

As we navigate through the various stages of life, our sense of purpose naturally evolves and transforms. With each stage, our priorities, values, and aspirations transform, guiding us towards new paths and allowing us to embrace the ever-changing nature of our purpose.

8. Play

Embracing play and leisure activities brings joy, relaxation, and a sense of rejuvenation. It’s about engaging in hobbies, creative pursuits, and experiences that bring you happiness and allow you to fully embrace the present moment.

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How things can change in the blink of an eye

Earlier this month, on a seemingly ordinary Saturday evening, on our way to meet our family for dinner, my husband Gys and I were involved in a car accident. Despite my car being written off and being very shaken, Gys and I escaped unscathed.

While the accident only took seconds, it felt like an eternity, and during those split seconds, I genuinely thought it might be the end for us. It was a terrifying wake-up call that reminded me how the course of our lives can be forever altered in a single second.

The following day, as I pondered the events, three crucial questions surfaced in my mind. Firstly, I asked myself, “Are my relationships in order? Have I expressed love and gratitude to those who mean the most to me?” And, in that moment of reflection, I found comfort in the fact that I had no unfinished business with those I hold dear. My children know how much I love them, and there’s no one important in my life who doesn’t know how I feel about them. It was a poignant reminder that, at the end of the day, it’s our relationships with others that enrich and adds meaning to our lives. We often neglect our relationships, putting off picking up the phone, spending time with family and friends, or telling people how we feel because we are busy. We assume we will have ample time, but this experience taught me that time is a gift we shouldn’t take for granted. We must take every opportunity to strengthen our bonds with family and friends, for we never know when those opportunities may be taken away from us.

The second question I asked was, “Am I doing everything I want in life?” Life is fleeting, and we must grab the opportunities when they present themselves. I firmly believe in living life intentionally, saying yes to experiences that bring me joy and fulfilment. While there are things I still want to do, I have no regrets about the things I have done and the experiences I have had.

The final question that came to mind was, “Are my affairs in order?” I found solace in knowing that my will was up to date, ensuring my family’s security. It is so important not to procrastinate when it comes to getting our affairs in order. Taking the necessary steps to prepare for the future is a responsible and caring act toward our loved ones.

I wholeheartedly encourage you to cherish your relationships, expressing your love and gratitude openly. Embrace life’s adventures. Don’t live a life looking back thinking “if only”; say yes to the things you genuinely desire. And most importantly, take the necessary steps to put your affairs in order, providing peace of mind for yourself and your family.

AnneArtz: A Story of Creativity, Resilience, and Inspiration

Chartered client Anne Holden has always been driven by her passion for creativity. With a BA in Fine Arts and a PGCE from Unisa and Wits, she began her career coordinating events and designing decor for weddings and corporate functions. Later, Anne transitioned to teaching Visual Art to Grade 10 to Matric and Arts & Culture to Grades 8 & 9. After dedicating 15 years to teaching, she retired in 2021 at the age of 65, ready to explore new artistic ventures.

Unfortunately, in late 2021, Anne was diagnosed with oesophageal cancer, which led to her spending a significant portion of 2022 in and out of the hospital. Despite these challenging circumstances, in between medical treatments, Anne found solace and a means of self-expression through her creative pursuits, specifically mosaic work and painting.

In 2023, Anne decided to embrace her passion fully and established her own art business called AnneArtz. She now teaches painting in retirement homes, provides private lessons, and hosts monthly workshops at her home in Risidale. These workshops explore mosaic work and ceramic painting, offering participants a chance to create their own artwork to take home.

Anne’s commitment to nurturing young talent led her to host a delightful kiddies’ holiday workshop featuring various art activities over five mornings.

Beyond teaching and workshops, Anne showcases her art at Lifestyle Garden Centre and Hadeda, offering ready-made products such as pots, plaques, and stepping stones. She also takes on commissions and recently transformed a nursery school’s firepit with beautiful mosaic scenes. She is currently working on a large mosaic garden “dance floor” for a client.

As a personal project, Anne created a stunning Mexican-inspired wall in her garden, painted in a brilliant blue and adorned with her own mosaic work.

Please visit Anne’s Facebook page for more details about her workshops and art.

Retirement Villages Spotlight – The Retreat Retirement Estate, Hazeldean, Pretoria

We will be interviewing clients who have chosen to live in various retirement estates around the country to learn more about their experiences. Please note that Chartered Wealth Solutions is not affiliated with, or sponsored by, any of the featured retirement villages, and the opinions expressed are that of the clients who live in these retirement villages.

Spotlight on The Retreat Retirement Estate – Hazeldean – Pretoria

The Retreat is a popular and well-established retirement estate in the lush and serene heart of Hazeldean in Pretoria East (adjacent to the Silver Lakes suburb). It offers 1, 2, and 3-bedroom Sectional Title free-standing homes with individually allocated exclusive use areas for gardens. The Retreat allows the keeping of reasonably sized dogs in fenced-off properties. In addition, there are spacious one and two-bedroom apartments available for a comfortable retirement lifestyle.

The estate boasts 24-hour security with a well-secured perimeter and one entry and one exit at the guardhouse, ensuring the safety and security of all residents.

For residents who require medical care, The Retreat has a Frail Care Centre with 52 beds and a team of medical professionals on hand to provide comprehensive care. The on-site medical services include 24-hour emergency services, personal health advice, and rehabilitation.

The Retreat also offers a range of social and recreational activities through its Social Club, which aims to foster a sense of community and provide entertainment for residents. There is something for everyone, from music evenings to the book club, bridge, snooker, happy hours, and even braais at the Lapa.

The Clubhouse offers facilities such as a gym, indoor (heated) swimming pools (3), and a steam room. There is also a well-established library, a beauty boutique, as well as a restaurant (unlicensed) which provides daily sit-down or delivered meals.

The estate’s beautiful gardens and walking trails showcase over 116 bird species and 40 indigenous tree species, allowing nature lovers to connect with the environment. Protected wildlife such as steenbok, rabbits, guinea fowl, and others are free to roam the estate.

The retirement estate homes at The Retreat are available to residents who are older than 50 years. Currently, there is a new development underway, which is approximately 80% complete. This expansion aims to add around 75 new fenced-off homes with 2 or 3 bedrooms.
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Meet The Retreat Residents Ronél and Charles Piani

Charles and Ronél moved to the estate in September 2017. Their previous home, a comfortable double-storey house with a beautiful garden, became a concern as they grew wary of using the stairs and the risk of falls and injuries. While in their late 60s, they began searching for a replacement and came across The Retreat’s advertisements for ongoing developments. They found an ideal site to build a 3-bedroom home initially intended for rental purposes. However, as Ronél made choices regarding fittings and flooring during the construction process, she convinced Charles that this was meant to be their own home. Fortunately, they were able to sell their existing home at a good price within three weeks and moved into their new home immediately upon completion.

There are many features at The Retreat that Charles and Ronél appreciate, including the free-standing concept of the houses, the beautiful gardens teeming with vibrant flora, birds, and other wildlife, as well as the inviting walking areas and nature park of The Meadows. However, the availability of 24/7 medical support and the use of the Frail Care facility, if needed, was the ultimate clincher for Charles and Ronél. They also take advantage of the on-site gym, restaurant, meal delivery services, hair salon, and medical services.

Charles and Ronél have an active social life within the community on the Estate. They enjoy their daily walks and often engage in intermittent chats with fellow residents along the way. They partake in social activities such as braais, especially with their close friends and neighbours. They regularly attend weekly teas and lectures that pique their interest. Ronél is involved in charity knitting and crocheting activities, while Charles takes an active role in the Retreat’s management as the Chairman of the Architectural Review and Compliance Committee.

Residents at The Retreat benefit from its close proximity to the Hazeldean shopping centre, situated only around three kilometres away. This convenient location provides easy access to a range of amenities, including Pick ‘n Pay, Woolworths, restaurants, and the Intercare Medical Centre with several doctors available. Furthermore, the Wilgers Hospital is conveniently situated six kilometres away.

Reflecting on their experience, Charles and Ronél believe that moving to The Retreat was the best decision they made.

Retirement Villages Spotlight – Amber Ridge, Howick, KZN

Amber Ridge Estate, situated in Howick in the beautiful province of KwaZulu Natal, offers residents a luxurious and peaceful lifestyle. Amber Ridge was released in August 2011, and construction was completed in 2014. Designed to emulate the successful look and feel of its bigger neighbour, Amber Valley, Amber Ridge is a separate development catering mostly to the retired market at affordable prices. However, it also shares many of Amber Valley’s, Amber Lakes’ and Amber Lee’s facilities by arrangement, while still having its own Body Corporate.

The large Community Centre is a significant feature of Amber Ridge, which represents the estate’s contribution to the concept of the “Greater Ambers.” The facility is shared by Amber Ridge, Amber Valley, Amber Lakes, and Amber Lee, and includes an auditorium and a string of Assisted Living Units (ALUs). The 350-seater auditorium is one of the many wonderful features of Amber Ridge, with a separate bar area and an 80-seater functions room. The auditorium has a suspended acoustic ceiling, a substantial stage area, audio-visual facilities, sophisticated stage lighting, and a high-quality sound system. The auditorium opens onto a large, covered patio overlooking a dam, adding to the serene and peaceful atmosphere of the estate.

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Meet Amber Ridge Residents Errol and Pam Cunningham

Chartered clients Errol and Pam Cunningham moved to Amber Ridge in 2013, seeking a quieter environment than the busy surroundings of Johannesburg. Having lived previously in Boksburg, Gauteng, they were drawn to the beautiful mountain view from their home and the various services offered by Amber Ridge, such as excellent frail care facilities. The facilities on the estate that they use include the dining room, library, and auditorium for presentations and concerts. Errol particularly benefitted from the high-quality frail care services. They also appreciate their close proximity to everything they might need – doctors, hospitals, lawyers, restaurants, supermarkets and shops. For those considering a move to Amber Ridge, Errol and Pam advise reaching out to the administration to receive answers to any questions. Amber Ridge is well-managed, and residents are kept well-informed about all aspects of the estate, as well as security issues in and around the town.

Chartered events – 2022

At the beginning of 2022, we were looking forward to hosting a combination of in-person and online events, and connecting with our clients – and the year didn’t disappoint.

We kicked off the year with a client vision boarding event which was a fantastic opportunity to set our goals and vision for the year. This was followed by The Jeremy Gardiner roadshow, which began in February with in-person events held in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban and Knysna.

Our first planned hybrid event was with Gareth Crocker; however, the Covid numbers increased dramatically, and the decision was made to make it online only, much to everyone’s disappointment. We have certainly not been short of great speakers this year, and clients enjoyed talks from Sean Brokensha — The Music Guru; Steven Sidley, who unpacked the world of Bitcoin for us; and Bruce Whitfield, who discussed how to thrive on the edge of chaos. Our Women’s Day event was a talk from author Helen Nicholson about her book Mindfulness: How to Stay Sane in an Insane World. Peter van Kets: adventurer, inspirational speaker and author inspired clients, regaling them with tales from his numerous extreme adventures and reminding us about the importance of leaving a legacy.

Financial markets have been a great cause for concern, so twice we hosted Victoria Reuvers, Managing Director, Morningstar Investment Management South Africa, who gave us market updates. Jeremy Gardiner, Director at Ninety-One, closed off the online events for the year in November, where he shared his insights into what the real concerns and opportunities are, and what is just noise.

It was wonderful to see our clients on the bowling green and golf course again this year. Bowls have once again proved very popular, and we have enjoyed three bowls days at the Bryanston Sports Club. A few clients have subsequently taken up bowls, which has been so encouraging to see. Our golf league is gaining momentum again, and we hosted golf days at Parkview, Wanderers and Randpark.

A new addition to our events this year was Bucket Wheel® Wednesday which we launched in June. We wanted to host smaller, more intimate events centred around the Balance Wheel, and they have proved extremely popular. Our first guest speaker was Alistair Meredith from Strauss & Co. who discussed a century of South African art in ten pictures. This was followed by a morning spent making sandwiches for Mandela Day in July, a walk around the Wilds in August, a writing workshop with Hamilton Wende in September, and a musical trip down memory lane with Sean Brokensha in October. Our final Bucket Wheel® Wednesday event for the year is a book club with Kate Sidley, where she will share her top picks for December reads, just in time for the holidays.

We are ending the year with a nostalgic trip around Johannesburg on the Red Bus, followed by lunch at Chartered.

We look forward to seeing you at our events in 2023!

Bread – one of life’s simple pleasures

When Chartered client Jeff Lawrence took early retirement from Nedbank in 2016, it marked the start of turning his passion into a business. When he and his wife, Sue, decided to retire, there were three things they knew for sure.

Firstly, they wanted to remain physically and mentally active; secondly, they wanted to live off the money they earned in retirement; and thirdly, they would move permanently to Wakkerstroom, where they owned a property. So began Jeff’s journey from city to country, banker to baker.

Jeff has always loved baking and eating bread, and let’s be honest, the smell and taste of freshly baked bread are hard to beat. He decided to take his passion for bread and turn it into a business, and Country Bread was born. Initially, he wanted to master the art of bread-making so that he could supply local establishments with fresh bread. Over the years before retirement, Jeff read books and took bread courses locally and overseas to expand his knowledge, and a post-retirement highlight was spending his 60th birthday in the UK doing a four-day course for professional bakers.

His business soon expanded, and he began running bread-making courses in addition to supplying bread to local establishments. Currently, he offers fifteen artisan bread-making courses designed specifically to teach all the theory and techniques to make the perfect loaf. Think of any bread, and Jeff has likely developed a course in it ranging from sourdough bread to ciabatta to croissants; he’s got them all covered. He also has a course designed for families and friends as he believes that baking bread together as a family or with a group of friends is an excellent way of spending quality time together and learning a life skill simultaneously.

There is another side to his business as well —business consultancy. Jeff trains restaurants, bakers and boutique hotels in the art of bread making. These courses are customised to meet the business’s specific needs, typically lasting three to four days.

Sue and Jeff’s other activities are their holiday cottages in Wakkerstroom that they rent out, and Sue owns Village Bakery – the local bakery and coffee shop. Sue roasts her own coffee and also makes beautifully handcrafted leather bags.

When asked why he chose Wakkerstroom, he is quick to tell you about this hidden gem in South Africa. Wakkerstroom is the second oldest town in Mpumalanga and has become one of the prime bird-watching venues in South Africa. It is also well known for its cycling and walking routes, quaint shops and restaurants.

Jeff’s passion is contagious. Teaching the art of bread making is not a job for him; it’s his purpose and combines all the things he loves. But it’s not all work and no play. Jeff and Sue work on their own terms. They love exploring and visit the Drakensburg and Mozambique frequently. They like to go away at least every two months. Family is important to them, so they see their seven grandchildren as often as possible.

We always encourage clients to find balance in the areas of work, give back, relationships, money, learn, health, purpose and play. Jeff is undoubtedly someone who has achieved this balance. As Sheryl Sandberg says, “It is the ultimate luxury to combine passion and contribution. It’s also a very clear path to happiness.”

You can read more about Jeff’s courses at