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When last have you embraced your childlike spirit?

As my children grow older, each year brings new experiences and lessons. It’s almost a rediscovery of who they are and what they’re about – and I’m loving the process. As they grow and develop, I find myself growing too. We talk about new topics, we explore ideas more passionately, and we definitely experience things with added wonder and joy!

I spent the past ten days in Paris with my daughter Gabi, who turned sixteen not long ago. We decided to do, and share with each other, whatever makes our souls happy. Our purpose was to have as much fun as we could possibly fit into a day and embrace our childlike spirits.

Gabi’s dream was a daring adventure. She convinced me to reconnect with my inner child – and the scooter! I have not scootered in many years – but scootering through the inner city of Paris, weaving in between cars and pedestrians with Gabi by my side, made me feel like a teenager again. I have not laughed so much for so long in a really long time. Yes, we had some crazy scary moments, but being one hundred percent responsible and predictable was not on my agenda. I loved sharing this experience with Gabi, and in return, Gabi joined me in learning how to make macaroons. I’ve always had a passion for baking and cooking – and our macaroons did not have to be fancy. They just had to be fun!

Gabi also shared her passion for art with me. I gladly joined her on a visit to the Picasso Museum, and watching her immerse herself in her own art during our train journey to Amsterdam was a joy to see.

I have learnt that the simplest way to uncover what brings you the greatest joy and brightens your life, is to start thinking about what you loved to do as a child. Your inner child is very much a part of you. In fact, everyone has an inner child tucked away in their unconscious mind – that may very well resurface from time to time. But as grown-ups, we are often so busy doing grown-up things that we forget to nurture our minds and souls with all the things that made us laugh out loud as children.

So think back to when you were a child. Back when you did not have to be ‘responsible’, or overly serious, disciplined or practical. Back then you knew exactly what made you happy and what made your soul smile. Then you did not worry about societal expectations of what it means to be all grown up. Think back to those times – and then – do exactly that!

Finding joy does not have to be complicated. It could be the simplest things in life, like the smell of freshly baked bread, dancing in the rain or listening to your favourite song. We all did things as children that made us feel just right, exhilarated, or simply just peaceful.

Close your eyes and think back: what did you do as a child that made your heart sing? What made you laugh out loud?

It could be that reconnecting with your childlike self will bring you more joy – and laughter – than you ever imagined!

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