“Money isn’t everything, but it’s right up there with oxygen.” Anon

For most people, the most important consideration when retiring is the money – but the secret is that money is a means to an end, not the end in itself … identify the end to ensure that the means can support it. Today, retirement planning centres around the plan you have for your life: consider what you need, that money can do for you.

Shortly after we retire, money becomes less of a priority … personal relationships and health tend to top the list.

The most careful budgeting exercise you can do is for your most precious resource of all – Time. Your life consists of many areas that are important, and while money is definitely a means to an end, you need to identify the end in order to ensure that the means can support it. You have 168 hours a week to fill – make them meaningful!

25 01, 2019

Take advantage of tax benefits of Retirement Annuities before 28 February

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Now is the time to chat to your financial planner about making a lump sum […]

23 08, 2018

Five tips for fair money management

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Love, as they say, makes the world go around. To go places, do things, this […]

20 08, 2018

What money fights are really about

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Money troubles are the leading cause of marital problems in South Africa. This is not […]

18 06, 2018

We teach what we learn – unintentionally

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We have a wonderful opportunity to teach our children responsible and healthy money lessons.

26 03, 2018

Small change for big change

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I recently met with a […]

26 03, 2018

The persistent popularity of property

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Chartered Wealth Solutions’ RetiremeantSpecialist and Certified Financial Planner®, James Carvalho, assesses the value of rental […]

8 11, 2017

Mind over money over matter

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We are living in uncertain times. Both globally and locally, our political and financial landscapes […]

7 11, 2017

Why does money have so much power?

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As the extent of the theft of public money becomes clearer, more and more people […]

6 11, 2017

Casting an ear to Courageous Currency

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The Courageous Currency series of conversations with Kim Potgieter and Classic FM’s Michael Avery is […]

6 11, 2017

Making sense of money stories

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We learn through stories – it’s how we understand and remember. We tell stories every […]

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