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How balanced is your life in retirement?

We firmly believe that achieving balance is fundamental to a successful retirement. Life encompasses various facets, and neglecting one can have a ripple effect on others. In the hustle and bustle of life, attaining balance often feels like an uphill battle; some areas are given more attention than others.

There is a fantastic quote by Jana Kingsford that says, “Balance is not something you find; it’s something you create.” Achieving balance is not passive; it requires active effort and conscious choices.

That’s why we have identified eight essential elements that form the foundation of a more balanced and meaningful retirement: work, give-back, relationships, money, learning, health, purpose and play.

It’s often a good idea to check in with yourself and reflect on how balanced your life is. As a reminder, let’s dive deeper into each area of the Wheel of Balance and explore what they encompass.

1. Work

Work in retirement goes beyond financial rewards and working 9-5! It’s about finding meaningful engagements that bring a sense of purpose to your life. Whether pursuing a passion project, starting a new venture, mentoring people or starting a side hustle, work adds structure and a sense of contribution to your retirement journey.

2. Give-back

Giving back is not limited to charity work; it’s about making a positive impact and leaving a legacy. It can involve volunteering, mentoring, or supporting causes that resonate with your values. Giving back to others lifts our spirits, makes us happier and makes our lives richer.

3. Relationships

True wealth lies in the people you share your life with. Cultivating and maintaining meaningful relationships and nurturing connections with family, friends, and community all lead to a fulfilling retirement.

4. Money

Money plays a significant role in retirement, but it’s not just about accumulating wealth. It’s about understanding your financial resources, managing them wisely, and aligning them with your desired lifestyle. Is your money serving you, or are you serving it?

5. Learning

Retirement is an ideal time to continue learning and expanding your knowledge. It could involve pursuing new interests and acquiring new skills. Embracing a curious and growth-oriented mindset keeps your mind active.

6. Health

Prioritising your physical and mental well-being is crucial. Regular exercise, healthy habits, and self-care practices ensure you have the energy and vitality to fully embrace life’s adventures.

7. Purpose

As we navigate through the various stages of life, our sense of purpose naturally evolves and transforms. With each stage, our priorities, values, and aspirations transform, guiding us towards new paths and allowing us to embrace the ever-changing nature of our purpose.

8. Play

Embracing play and leisure activities brings joy, relaxation, and a sense of rejuvenation. It’s about engaging in hobbies, creative pursuits, and experiences that bring you happiness and allow you to fully embrace the present moment.

Want to know how balanced your life is? Click here to take the Balance Test.

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