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The Balance Test

Welcome to the Balance Test! This is your chance to create your own Wheel of Balance. It’s a personal and honest exercise that visually portrays how balanced your life is, and what areas (if any) needs attention.

This will take no longer than ten minutes of your time.

How to take the Balance Test

We have identified eight essential elements for a more balanced and meaningful RetiremeantTM. The Balance Test will take you through each one of these areas – step by step.

As you progress through the process, the Balance Wheel visual with descriptor will remind you of what you should be thinking about for each one.

There will be a list of questions for each element of your life. You are not asked to answer each question, but instead, let the questions guide your thinking about how fulfilled you feel in each area of your life. Give yourself a fulfilment rating for each one, ranging from 1 – 5 within the parameters below:

  1. Completely Unfulfilled
  2. Unfulfilled
  3. Satisfied
  4. Fulfilled
  5. Completely Fulfilled

Enjoy taking the test!