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Spotlight on Sondela Senior Lifestyle Estate

Nestled in the picturesque bushveld of Limpopo, Sondela’s over 50 Lifestyle Estate offers an idyllic retirement haven for those seeking a peaceful and secure living environment. With its close proximity to Pretoria, the estate provides easy access to city amenities while immersing residents in the breathtaking beauty of nature. Sondela is a premier Bela-Bela resort, offering a family-oriented atmosphere and a deep commitment to preserving and nurturing the natural environment. From rare game sightings to educational programmes and rehabilitation initiatives, Sondela embraces a holistic approach to life and nature. The estate’s retirement homes are thoughtfully designed, allowing residents to enjoy the convenience of nearby facilities and an array of activities, including game drives and access to the acclaimed Iketla spa. Whether you’re planning for retirement or already retired, Sondela Nature Reserve and Spa offers a sanctuary where residents can connect with nature, find tranquillity, and create cherished memories for a lifetime.

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Meet Sondela Residents Shirley and Philip Roach

The Roaches moved to the estate after starting the construction of their house in early 2021 and completing it towards the end of the same year. The allure of living amidst nature’s beauty, coupled with their desire to embrace a peaceful retirement away from the city, led them to make the decision to call Sondela home.

Having always been city dwellers and previously resided in bustling Centurion, the Roaches now revel in the tranquillity that Sondela offers. They thoroughly enjoy observing the diverse wildlife that meanders through their gardens and value their neighbours’ shared appreciation for nature. With Bela-Bela conveniently nearby for shopping needs and Pretoria within reachable distance, they have found the perfect balance between the African bush and necessary amenities.

Even though the estate is still relatively small, there is a great sense of community, and the Roaches have developed close relationships with their neighbours, enjoying get-togethers every so often. Additionally, they belong to a Pilates group that travels to Bela-Bela twice a week for exercise.

As residents of Sondela’s Senior Lifestyle Estate, Phillip and Shirley take advantage of the various amenities. They frequently explore the extensive bicycle trails, enjoying walks and bike rides amidst the picturesque surroundings. The swimming pools offer refreshing leisure options, especially during the summer months. They appreciate the privilege of going on game drives within the reserve, something they often do. Residents are encouraged to have friends and family visit them on the estate, and Shirley and Phillip have created special memories, particularly with their granddaughter.

Asked what advice they would give those considering moving to an estate, the Roaches emphasised the importance of familiarising oneself with the estate’s rules. They suggested carefully reviewing and understanding the regulations to ensure they align with personal preferences. Sondela’s strict rules are designed to protect and maintain the core values of the estate, ensuring unspoiled natural surroundings, a rustic farm-style experience, safety and security, comfortable living, an active outdoor lifestyle, good governance, financial sustainability, and competitive market value.

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