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Retirement Villages – Spotlight on Randjes Estate

One of the major decisions people face when retiring is where they will live. The decision to move is an emotional one. Once the decision is made, many of our clients opt to move to retirement villages or estates. The traditional concept of retirement villages and estates has changed dramatically over the years, and the range of lifestyle activities and easy access to medical care and security now makes them an attractive option.

We will be interviewing clients who have chosen to live in various retirement estates around the country to learn more about their experiences. Please note that Chartered Wealth Solutions is not affiliated with, or sponsored by, any of the featured retirement villages, and the opinions expressed are that of the clients who live in these retirement villages.

About Randjes Estate

Randjes Estate in Highlands North, Johannesburg, offers a variety of independent and assisted living accommodation in their beautiful well established 42-acre estate. There are 204 Life Rights units on the property and 70 rental studio apartments. Their Mid Care (assisted living) accommodation can house up to 42 residents, and their Frail Care facility can accommodate 43 residents who require 24- hour nursing care.

Their Estate provides residents with a secure, vibrant, stress-free way of life amongst other like-minded people.

Their homes offer a lock-up-and-go lifestyle for independent residents while also providing the convenience of a range of support services. Click here to read more on their website.

Meet Randjes Estate residents Barbara and John Hyde

When Barbara and John put their names down for Randjes Estate, they were told to expect to be on the waiting list for anywhere between six and 10 years. However, 18 months later, they received a call to say that new apartments were being built, and the wheels were set in motion. Despite it being during the height of Covid in 2020, everything fell into place, and they managed to sell their house that they had lived in for 31 years and moved to Randjes Estate in July 2020.

They always knew that they wanted to live in a retirement estate. They never wanted to burden their children, and after suddenly looking for a place for John’s parents to stay years prior, they felt strongly that they wanted to choose where to spend their retirement years. They have two sons and two young grandsons, so moving to an estate close to their family was a deciding factor in choosing Randjes Estate.

Despite moving during the height of lockdown and not knowing anyone in the estate, as restrictions eased, they started getting involved in activities and have subsequently formed a tight-knit social circle. John always worried that when he retired, he would be bored, but their days are filled with activities that include long walks around the estate, playing bridge, and attending lunches and lectures. Their young grandchildren love visiting and riding their bikes around the estate.

Barbara and John have no regrets about moving to Randjes Estate. For them, it wasn’t an investment decision but rather a lifestyle one. Randjes Estate meets all of their needs and more. They couldn’t be happier.

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