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Author: Pat Blamire

OUTLIVE by Dr Peter Attia

“Outlive – the Science and Art of Longevity” is a compelling exploration of longevity, health, and the science behind ageing gracefully. Dr Attia draws upon his extensive experience in medicine and research to provide readers with practical insights and strategies for extending lifespan while maintaining optimal health.

He talks about the Four Horsemen, being the four main chronic diseases that afflict us as we get older: heart disease, cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease. In trying to live longer, and live better for longer, he maintains that we need to step in sooner rather than later to try and stop the Horsemen in their tracks.

The objective is not to live to 120 or 150, but rather to start thinking about our later years now and taking action to improve the quality of these years.

Dr Attia delves into the underlying mechanisms of ageing and covers topics such as genetics, diet, exercise, sleep, and mental well-being. He has tried to simplify complicated subjects to enable the layman to understand them. He does not offer quick-fix solutions or gimmicky trends and does not believe there is a one-size-fits-all; longevity requires a personalised approach. He discusses the importance of nutrition and exercise, encouraging readers to take a proactive role in optimising their well-being.

There is no “magic pill” that he comes up with. He maintains that the most potent longevity drug is exercise. No other intervention does nearly as much to prolong our lifespan and preserve our cognitive and physical function. However, he believes that most people do not do nearly enough of this.

Overall, “Outlive” is a thought-provoking and informative book for anyone interested in maximising their lifespan and improving their quality of life. It empowers readers to make informed choices that align with their unique needs and goals and offers a roadmap for achieving longevity and vitality well into old age.

A copy of Dr Peter Attia’s “Outlive” is available for short-term loan from the Chartered client library.