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Pat understands the importance of having financial peace of mind and places her clients at the centre her financial plans, creating the best possible solution for them. Read more...
25 01, 2019

Take advantage of tax benefits of Retirement Annuities before 28 February

By |2019-01-25T14:35:31+00:00Jan 25, 2019|Money|0 Comments

Now is the time to chat to your financial planner about making a lump sum […]

5 11, 2018

Following the Chokka Trail in Knysna

By |2018-11-05T11:42:31+00:00Nov 5, 2018|Learn|0 Comments

Lindajane and Trevor Thomson, Chartered clients living in Knysna, recently did the Chokka […]

13 09, 2017

Financial planning gives you the freedom to dream

By |2017-09-26T08:23:44+00:00Sep 13, 2017|Money|0 Comments

Pat Blamire, CFP® and Retirement Specialist at Chartered Wealth Solutions

In a recent financial life planning […]

1 08, 2017

Effects of the proposed wealth tax in South Africa

By |2017-08-01T16:32:16+00:00Aug 1, 2017|Money|0 Comments

Wealth tax is a hotly debated topic, especially since South Africa’s taxpayers are already overburdened. […]

27 06, 2017

Minding your Ps and RAs

By |2017-06-27T16:13:26+00:00Jun 27, 2017|Money|0 Comments

So, you have been saving faithfully towards […]

30 03, 2017

Demystifying tax implications of retirement funds

By |2017-02-24T14:05:06+00:00Mar 30, 2017|Money|1 Comment

And drawing an income one day …

Whilst we are still working and earning a monthly […]

1 10, 2016

Six tips for raising money-wise adults

By |2016-12-01T09:26:20+00:00Oct 1, 2016|Money|2 Comments

As a financial planner, it is seldom that a conversation with my clients concludes without […]

19 05, 2016

Helping our children live fulfilled lives

By |2016-12-01T09:26:30+00:00May 19, 2016|Money|1 Comment

I am guilty of it, perhaps you are also … and I wonder if we […]

28 01, 2016

Where does your next lesson lie?

By |2016-12-01T09:26:38+00:00Jan 28, 2016|Learn|0 Comments

Chartered Wealth Solutions Senior Financial Planner, Pat Blamire, shares her learning journey … and reveals […]

19 01, 2016

New year’s financial resolutions

By |2016-12-01T09:26:39+00:00Jan 19, 2016|Money|2 Comments

As the excitement of the festive season settles, and we start contemplating the year ahead, […]

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