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Return to self – Margie’s weight loss journey

Chartered client Margie Kennard Davis reached a point where she was tired of feeling miserable. She disliked her body and felt conscious of how she looked; she was living off Gaviscon to try and control her heartburn; she had a sore body and couldn’t sleep. Hearing about someone her age suffering from a stroke and realising her high-risk factor, given her co-morbidities, should she get Covid was a tipping point for her, and she decided to do something about it.

Margie knew all about dieting and had tried every diet in the book. A few years ago, she signed up for the Real Meal Revolution Hero programme, which she began but stopped because she wasn’t committed. However, she was still on their mailing list, and after reading inspirational stories, she decided to give it a second chance.

She admits that, at first, she was sceptical and wondered what a group environment’s benefits could be. She was pleasantly surprised. She didn’t expect anything as structured and liked the intellectual and psychological approach to food and weight loss. As a curious person, she loves researching, so she felt she had a good understanding of nutrition, but the programme gave her the tools to implement it. The group environment was a non-judgmental, intellectual and supportive space.

A significant part of this journey for Margie was changing her identity and her relationship with food and, more importantly, believing that she wasn’t a failure because she had failed to lose weight in the past.

And it worked. Margie lost 27 kilograms in 27 weeks and is now the weight she was at 27! Margie was very active as a youngster and feels she has come full circle and is back in a healthy space. She has undone all the damage she did and described her transformation as returning to her true self. Her new physique is now part of her identity. She has been given her life back and shines; she likes how she now sees herself. What a gift that is.

Margie walks for an hour five to seven days a week; she does two pilates and two to three yoga classes weekly. She feels stronger, fitter, happier and healthier than she has in decades.

Click here to watch her interview with RMR on YouTube

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