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Midlife Money Makeover book review

In her latest book, “Midlife Money Makeover”, Kim Potgieter draws on her own experiences and those of her many clients to deliver a cohesive, easy-to-read manual on how to deal with both life and finances. I was thoroughly absorbed by the book, even though I would have to live to 140 if I am only halfway through my life.

It was a relevant reminder of the path my wife and I set out on some years ago with Kim and all the workshopping we subsequently did to map out the next stage of our lives. All the various ideas and dreams are falling into place, and some have become irrelevant. All this requires constant monitoring and updating. Being well prepared for our future has made the COVID-19 event so much easier to work through. During this time, we successfully sold our big house and have made a move into a lifestyle estate.

I am investigating mentoring people starting their own businesses and dealing with the daily challenges and reinventions. A path has opened up to do this, and despite being a little afraid of the idea, Kim’s book has given me many pointers as to how to set about this task. I think her programme can be used whenever a big change is made and would recommend her book to anyone starting out on a new adventure.

Written by Dick Binge

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