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A South African Spring adventure

Spring does bring along change, and we as a family were ready to embrace it. With travel restrictions still in place, what better idea to celebrate the wonder of this new season immersed in one of the natural wonders of our world – the Cape wildflowers. We pointed our springtime travels in the direction of the flower route on the West Coast and boldly went somewhere we’ve never been before.

I have one word to describe our adventure: awestruck. I was mesmerised by the tapestry of the landscape and captivated by the hidden gems that I’ve never discovered before in South Africa.

Our first stop was Paternoster, one of the oldest and most iconic fishing villages on the West Coast. We stayed in a gorgeous house that we found on the LekkeSlaap travel and accommodation website. It was the perfect spot to explore the tranquil, relaxing atmosphere of the town, the beach and the Columbine Nature Reserve. It’s no secret that I love food and cooking! You should not be surprised that we decided to explore the Foodie Route on the West Coast. Sitting at the harbour in St Helena Bay munching on fried fish and chips served in paper packets was simple but oh so delicious.

You may have heard of our next stop, Darling. Blogger Anje Rautenbach of Going Somewhere Slowly describes Darling as akin to fine wine – a soft yet crisp experience best enjoyed with good company, at a slow speed, with an explorer’s undertone and a good balance of fun and laughter. This is also where Pieter Dirk Uys turned the station into a theatrical experience with Evita se Perron. I was blown away by the Ormonde Private Cellar with its collection of 30+ award-winning wines and loved how the owner spent time with us sharing his passion for wine. The snack platter served was an outstanding, delicious work of art that took me back to how snack platters were served in Franschoek before it was commercialised. We also visited the Orchid Festival that only happens once a year in Darling.

Of course, Darling is not only famous for Evita se Perron, wine tasting and flowers. We popped into Darling Brew for a glass of slowly fermented craft beer – a lovely visit but beer has never been my favourite. You can also explore the town museum and try out the many delightful eateries scattered along the main road.

Spring has reminded me to nurture my soul with all the things that make me happy. My family, special friends, delicious foods and adventuring in our picturesque country add up to unforgettable memories that I will cherish always.

There are many beautiful places to visit in South Africa to revive yourself and bring you closer to nature. I would love to hear (and see some pics) of some of your favourite destinations.

Happy Spring!

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