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Riding into a New Life: From Jozi to George

Dreaming of escaping the Johannesburg hustle for open roads and scenic vistas, Chartered clients Huida and Granville set out on a motorcycle trip with a twist: Granville had a secret agenda – to scout potential semigration destinations. Little did they know, George would capture their hearts with its charm, natural beauty, and a hidden gem of a house waiting to be discovered.

Their initial odyssey wound through towns like Prince Albert and Tulbagh, each offering unique flavours of life. While Port Owen’s remoteness didn’t resonate, Gordons Bay, a place they loved, didn’t offer any houses that suited them. Montagu’s historical allure tempted them, but having a Woolworths within a 5km radius remained a dealbreaker for Huida.

Reaching George, they met up with friends who had already made the leap, and their glowing experiences about George ignited a spark. The town’s clean, friendly atmosphere left a positive impression. But the true magic unfolded on a breathtaking motorbike ride up Outeniqua Pass. Lush valleys, ancient forests, and panoramic vistas unfolded with each turn, sealing their desire for a change.

Back in Johannesburg, the “what if?” echoed. Inspired by a vision of their ideal home and a couple they met on their travels encouraging a “just do it!” attitude, they took on the challenge. The search for their perfect George haven began.

Despite initial hiccups – a damp property and limited options – they persevered. A serendipitous discovery led them to a magnificent house in Welgelegen Estate, ticking all the boxes, even the motorbike-friendly location.

With an accepted offer and their Johannesburg house sold, their semigration dream materialised. Moving in November 2022, the timing was perfect. Today, nestled in their haven, they’ve embraced the George lifestyle, made new friends, and explored the Garden Route’s wonders.

Their journey is a testament to open hearts, serendipity, and the courage to take a leap of faith, proving that sometimes, the best destinations are discovered on two wheels and with an open mind.

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