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Giving back through skills sharing

There is a beautiful quote that says, “If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it,” and this is precisely what Chartered clients’ Dr Errol Allcock and Veronique Hoog have been doing.

Give back has always been important to them, and independently they have contributed to various causes, be it supporting mobile libraries for township schools to fund raising for children orphaned by HIV. They acknowledge, though, that give back is not just about building houses or giving of one’s time and money. At a time where people are struggling as a result of, amongst other things, Covid and our strained economy, Errol and Veronique consciously decided that they would give back to people through the transfer of their vast knowledge and skills gained through many years of work experience. Drawing from their collective backgrounds in science, IT and business, and having worked in various industries, they are ideally suited to assist those in need.

Through word of mouth, companies ranging from micro-enterprises to medium-enterprises call on them for expertise and advice on next steps to take in order to survive or grow their businesses. Many of these companies have come from an informal structure where compliance, particularly adherence to tax laws, labour laws and reporting, and governance, amongst other areas, have been all but neglected.

Errol and Veronique acknowledge what a lonely place owning a small business can be, so they aim to be a quality soundboard for small enterprises. They could be described as a resource centre, offering guidance and advice, or as micro-management consultants. They don’t work in isolation, though, and rely on their extensive networks. Often times they link business owners up with other relevant service providers who can guide the small enterprises in their areas of expertise.

Both Errol and Veronique are still active in their careers, so they give back in their spare time. It is an area they feel incredibly passionate about and one in which they find huge fulfilment. Spending half an hour in their time challenges one to think out the box about how you can personally give back. Their passion is contagious, and one can’t help but be left feeling hugely inspired.


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