Worklife Redesigned!

Chartered client, John Arnesen, faced a cross-roads when a health scare forced him to assess what his worklife would look like going forward.

On 1 March 2016 I officially started life as a ‘retired pensioner’. While I no longer work for a boss and can draw a pension, these two facts don’t mean I now sit at home getting lazy…

On the contrary ‘retiring’ has given me a new lease of life and I am working ‘harder’ than ever before! Harder in this case certainly does not mean I am struggling but rather how much energy I am putting into what I do every day.

The decision to retire was fast tracked when I had a blackout at a restaurant in December last year. I spent two days in hospital and had every test under the sun – nothing was found and the specialist all said it was stress…. So I checked in with Pat Blamire and based on her wise counsel and after chatting the matter through with my wife Meryl, I decided to ‘retire’ on my 60th birthday.

So as a retired pensioner I get up at 5:45 Monday to Friday and after the morning routine I ‘leave for work’ at around 6:45. Where I go varies from day today. Some days I go and one of my client’s offices, on other days I meet someone at a coffee shop and from time to time I get started at my home office.

Getting here was a journey in itself. For some time, I have toyed with the idea of my own consulting business. However, I never was brave enough to take the plunge. The change came after my session with Pat where she showed that I could retire and live comfortably on my pension. This information together with the health scare was the push I needed. So with the confidence of a pension safety net I started Arnesen & Associates offering three things; marketing and education insight, innovation and experience.

John Arnesen and FamilyIt would be a lie if I said I never looked back. There have been times when I wondered (and panicked):  Is ‘early’ retirement wise? Will I make enough money? Will I find clients? However, as time goes by the doubt is declining to just a whisper every now and then …

I am glad to say that so far the journey has been great. I now have big plans and dream of Arnesen & Associates becomes a sought after boutique consultancy.

The new routine is wonderful as it has provided me with both a sense of purpose but also freedom. I still am looking for a bit more balance so that I can fit it more ‘me time’ but I suppose I now have the choice every day and so in truth every day is now me time….

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