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“I created Retire Successfully because, as a financial planner, I was frustrated by the number of people approaching retirement planning with only finances in mind. In my experience, those who retire most successfully are those who have a clear vision of how they would like to live during their retirement. On the other hand, people who have no clear plan of how they want to live during their retirement find the transition far more difficult.

Since World War II, average life expectancy has increased dramatically. Unlike those before them, people retiring today can expect a retirement lasting 30 years or more, which is a long time. Failing to plan for an active retirement is equal to setting oneself up for a difficult retirement. This is where Retire Successfully hopes to help.

Through the years, I have learnt that life is too short to ‘wait until you retire’. My father put off living his life to the full, thinking that he would start doing all he wanted to do in life when he retired. Sadly, he died at the relatively young age of 59 in a senseless hijacking and so never got to enjoy the money he had so carefully put aside for his retirement. My mother’s life was also cut short by cancer at the age of 62 and she too was never able to enjoy her retirement.

Seeing my parents lose out on the opportunity to enjoy the things they had planned to do in retirement has made me passionate about helping people to achieve their goals and dreams in retirement, instead of focusing solely on their finances until it’s too late.

These are some of the reasons that this website is devoted to all of you who do indeed have the liberating opportunity to Retire Successfully!”

Kim Potgieter

Co-founder: Retire Successfully


Thank you to a dear friend and fellow retirement enthusiast, Mitch Anthony

See image and image file nameKim Potgieter discovered Mitch Anthony when she read his book The Newretirementality, and she realised she had found someone who shared her philosophy and passion for retirement. Kim was so intrigued by Mitch Anthony that she flew to the States with her partners John Campbell and Barclay Hoar especially to meet him. They have since become great friends; Mitch has mentored Kim through the process of bringing Life Planning to South Africa, he also helped her set up the Life Planning Institute of South Africa for all local financial planners. Mitch has been generous in sharing his ideas, and a lot of what is on this site is inspired by his retirement philosophy.

For more information on Mitch Anthony visit Newretirementality