Where does your next lesson lie?

Chartered Wealth Solutions Senior Financial Planner, Pat Blamire, shares her learning journey … and reveals that the best learning of all is perhaps about ourselves and our place in the world.

About 20 years ago, one of my mentors convinced me to run the Comrades Marathon.   What a daunting challenge, but rich with life lessons.

I learned that by slowly setting your mind to the task on hand, training according to a very specific programme, a huge mountain can be challenged and achieved – in this case, completing 89 kilometres between Durban and Pietermaritzburg!   This experience taught me to set myself objectives in life, and doggedly go on to achieve them. I subsequently ran a second Comrades Marathon, and then set myself a different objective of starting to study.

In October of each year, I always have to know what I am doing the following year to grow my knowledge. When eventually I felt I had done enough formal studying, I asked myself, “What next?”

The “next” was an Environmental and Wildlife course, culminating in my obtaining a FGASA Level 1 qualification.   What a joy that year was – busy, but learning about things that I didn’t know anything about.  It also helped to deepen my love for the bush, and I jump at every opportunity to go back to the bush and learn more – my particular passion is Trees and Birding.

I still constantly need an objective to achieve each year, and this can present a challenge when you have achieved those qualifications you want for your career (I had completed the Advanced Estate Planning module in financial planning in 2012).  While I still attend seminars and conferences to keep up to date with industry trends, I thrive on acquiring a wide range of knowledge.

Feeling uncertain and anxious about options for my next new area for study, I booked a coaching session with Colleen-Joy Page, professional ILS coach and a Retire Successfully Retirementor. She helped me recognise that it is okay not to have to keep ticking off objectives on my list.    I so enjoyed the session, and equally benefitted from the coaching days at Chartered with Colleen-Joy.   So, my new objective became to complete Colleen-Joy’s Coach course!  I knew this would improve my insight in meetings with clients.

The course was absolutely wonderful, and such a help in my personal life at the time, as I was going through the transition of selling my house and buying a new home – very scary.   The course has helped me to look at the world differently, and to be a more complete person.   This is the person that I take into my client meetings, where I try to help my clients through their own difficult decisions and transitions.

I have had the mindset of improving my knowledge on various subjects for so long that it has become second nature to me to continue to grow.  I do not get as stressed as I used to, and do not feel compelled to keep ticking off achievements on a list.   My passion and goal currently is to learn more about inter-generational wealth, and how this can be passed down through the generations, responsibly.   This is very close to my career, which I love, and it is my intention to be able to share my learnings with my clients, so that they can teach their children these lessons.

Pat Blamire is a Certified Financial Planner at Chartered Wealth Solutions. She has a Certificate in Advanced Taxation, and an advanced post-graduate Diploma in Financial Planning, specialising in Investments and Estate Planning. Pat was a finalist in the 2010 FPI Financial Planner of the Year Competition, and regularly appears in the media to share her expertise and insight. 

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