When in France … for the World Cup!

//When in France … for the World Cup!

When in France … for the World Cup!

For those of you who follow the travel diaries of our clients, Norma and Rhys Rolfe, you will not be surprised to find that they have been on the move again in their motor home.  Not only tourists this time, they are also cat, dog and garden caretakers.

Here is their summary of their recent travels:

We have just returned to the UK, before the ferries and Chunnel were closed because of the heat. The temperatures and dryness were quite debilitating, Brittany in France - houses on a river bankand Normandy and the UK look like the Free State in winter. Things have cooled down now which is quite pleasant.

We arrived back in time for the families to depart on their holidays, while we look after gardens, cats and dogs … it is quite useful to have old folks around sometimes! I must say, we do enjoy staying in a six-bedroomed house on our own after six weeks in the motor home. We are not complaining, though.

We had a wonderful six weeks in France, big and beautiful with a cosmopolitan population of very friendly people. Watching part of the Tour de France was certainly interesting – one does not get the full impact on television. The passing parade lasts for about three hours, and the cyclists pass by in a blurred flash. Watching the World Cup Football final in a pub was most interesting, especially with France winning. It was a little like South Africa winning the rugby World Cup in 1995.

Brittany in France - cobbled street lined with quaint housesWe found Brittany most interesting and enjoyable and plan to go back again next year. It is a section of France we have day-passed to a large extent to date: it is out on a limb (a little like Wales in that they have their own language and dialect).

When their family returns home to the UK, the Rolfes are off again … this time, to Ireland.  No doubt we will receive wonderful accounts of their adventures on the Emerald Isle.

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