What kind of heavenly body are you?

As technology ever improves our ability to see further in the Universe, we continue to be amazed at what we discover. While, to date, we haven’t encountered intelligent life as we know it in the known Universe, we nevertheless still learn a great deal about our Solar System, our Galaxy and ourselves.

Facts like the earth revolving around the sun and rotating on its own axis were a mystery to the sages living a mere few hundred years ago. They mistakenly thought the sun revolved around the Earth until astronomer Galileo corrected them by pointing out the truth to the authorities of the day. They, however, did not take kindly to his views, which contradicted everything they had come to believe until then, and punished him for his troubles.

Galileo learnt the hard way that people do not like their beliefs to be challenged, even if their beliefs are invalid.

But today, just about every 10-year-old child on the planet knows that the Earth orbits the Sun and that our Moon orbits the Earth. They also know the difference between a Star (of which our Sun is one), a planet and a moon.

But 10-year-old children don’t know other lessons that suns and moons can teach us about ourselves.

For example, which would you describe yourself as? Are you a Sun or a Moon?

To help you answer the question, let me explain that Suns generate their own energy, power and light. Moons do not. Moons only provide reflected light. Our very own Sun is not dependent on another source for its light and heat- generating properties – its heat and light come from within itself.

Our Moon, however, has no heat or light of its own. It is reliant on the Sun for the light it provides.

Are you a source – of energy, love, light, happiness, compassion, wisdom, or are you someone that only reflects the energy, love, light, happiness, compassion, wisdom of others?

You may have been uaaware of the fact that you have been living as a Moon and been content to reflect the light of a parent, a partner, a child, a friend or a colleague.

I want to tell you that every human being, including you, is actually a Sun. You have the necessary within yourself to be a source of love, hope, happiness, success and fulfilment. People who think and act like Moons do not believe such things are achievable and will look to others to help them fulfil their desires. The movie industry has built its empire on the millions of “moons” (fans) who look to the so-called stars (no pun intended) to give them meaning and happiness.

“If I could only look like Taylor Swift,” thinks the 20-year-old “moon”.

“I have to dress like Kim Kardashian,” decides the30-year-old “moon”.

“If I only had Justin Bieber’s hairstyle,” yearns the 18-year-old “moon”.

And so they continue living in the light of someone else instead of shining with their own light – the light of their own unique personality, gifts, skills and qualities.

I urge you to awaken to the realisation that you are a Sun and that you have within yourself all that you need to shine forth in your own unique way, to find your own happiness, success and fulfilment in life.

You are indeed a heavenly body (even though you might not think that you have a heavenly body!). If you choose to remain a Moon for the rest of your life, living in the light of someone else, you are headed for frustration, disappointment and regret.

Become who you are. Become the sun you really are and find within yourself what you need for your happiness, success and fulfilment.
Alan Hosking is the publisher of HR Future magazine, www.hrfuture.net, @HRFuturemag, and assists executives to prevent, reverse and delay ageing, and achieve self-mastery.

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