Volunteering creates value – inside and out!

“The journey is just as important as the destination.”

South Africa has so many needs and not enough people involved to get everything done. Volunteering gives you the opportunity to identify an important need and meet it – becoming part of the solution to our country’s problems.

A volunteer is someone who directly assists others. They generally share themselves openly, are healthier, happier, live longer and lead more productive lives. Helping others, not for what you can get out of it, but for the sake of others, is a very fulfilling part of life.

At the core of our willingness to volunteer lie our attitudes, values and beliefs about our role and function here on earth. If you realise that you are here for something bigger than yourself, you will be able to help others without wanting anything in return.

Some ideas of how to get involved in Volunteering in your local community include:

  • Research causes or issues that are important to you to find out how you can get involved in helping out.
  • Identify what skills you have to offer on a volunteer basis that will be of assistance to others.
  • Consider learning something new.
  • Combine your goals of learning and volunteering.
  • Don’t over commit but rather do a manageable amount over a longer period.
  • Consider local and global volunteer opportunities which could help you see the world while you contribute.

Volunteering requires a shift from a world filled with material success to a world of significance.

Here are some questions to help you make this shift:

  1. Have you ever volunteered your time and talents?
  2. What volunteer jobs did you personally benefit from the most?
  3. Volunteering bears many gifts, including fulfilment, involvement, purpose and meaning. Which of these gifts seems most relevant for your life right now?
  4. It has been said that giving is receiving, but can receiving ever be giving?
  5. How do you feel when you help someone? Below is a list of 6 common ways that people feel when they help another.
  • Feeling good about yourself and about the world
  • Feeling stronger and more energetic
  • Feeling warm and fuzzy inside
  • Feeling calmer and less depressed
  • Having a greater sense of self-worth
  • Experiencing fewer aches and pains

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