Training your brain can be fun!

Chartered client, Roz Binge, has started a brain-training trend at Chartered by recommending an excellent online programme. offers you the opportunity to train daily … and the exercises are fun!  Roz explains the Lumosity packages available and why she loves this programme in her article.

Spurred on by several friends, all younger than myself, I explored the Lumosity website some six years ago.IMG-20160811-WA0010

After a few days of playing the limited number of free on-line games, I took out a one-year membership (currently US$59.95).  When this expired I found I was missing my 15-minute personalised programme in the brain gym and opted for a lifetime membership (US$299.95).

The programme focuses on core cognitive skills: memory, speed, problem solving, attention and flexibility, and has about 50 games, created by their team of scientists and designers. Fewer games are available if accessed via iPhone, iPad or android.

Peter and Roz Binge enjoying some bubbles

There are similar brain training programmes available, such as Elevate. I confess to not having researched and compared any of them with Lumosity.

Lumosity ‘works’ for me. I enjoy my sessions and can train and exercise and challenge my brain as frequently or infrequently as I choose to.  Ticking the mental muscle box makes me feel a whole lot better on those (too frequent) days when I can’t summon up the physical energy to get into the gym. There’s plenty of variation;   my programme changes daily and I can extend it by choosing any games and repeating them as often as I like.

I get a kick out of mastering a particular game and seeing my scores improve, but I don’t take it too seriously. Those of the 70 million users (apparently aged 8 to 108!) who like to monitor their progress, can view their personal statistics daily and compare themselves to others in the same age group.

As keen as many people are on brain gym, believing that it’s important to challenge your brain to keep it healthy, the jury seems to be out on how effective it is in raising your IQ, halting a degenerative disease like Alzheimer’s or helping you remember the names of your new neighbour’s three dogs.

Click here to try Lumosity for yourself – sign in for the free membership to see if you enjoy it and receive your three complementary games daily.

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