What do you think you know?

… and what if it is not correct?

Without realising it, every human being uses the knowledge they have acquired over the years of their lives as their personal compass.

This knowledge consists of information, views and beliefs we have developed from our parents, our friends, our communities and any other source which has enjoyed an influence in our lives.

This body of knowledge is what we consider to be “what we think we know” – knowledge that is “right” in our eyes – and we have chosen to live our lives based on the “rightness” of this knowledge.

We have chosen our friends based on what we think we know, we have selected our careers because of what we think we know, we have conducted our relationships and decided on life partners because of what we think we know, we have raised our children because of what we think we know, and we have chosen our religious beliefs because of what we think we know.

But what if what we think we know isn’t, er, actually correct?

What we think we know is therefore not necessarily good, beneficial and desirable for ourselves and others. Only you have control over what you think you know. I urge you to examine what you think you know to determine if there are any views you have that need to be adjusted. If and when you find them, you need to summon the courage to turn your back on what you think you know to be right if you realise that it could prove harmful to others or yourself.

Click here to test some of your assumptions.

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