The six Cs needed for the world of work 2020

Retirementor, Lynda Smith, notes that the world is changing, driven by technology, and it’s impacting all of us. What does this mean for you in this season of life?

The personal computer, smart phones and the internet were the bright stars on the horizon in the last 20 years of the 20th century, changing the way we work and live. The changes were slow but are now centre stage and impacting all of us.

Knowledge workers – once powerful contributors to society and the workplace – are no longer needed because information is readily available. The skills needed now are using the resources and knowledge and producing solutions.

This new era calls for wisdom workers. What skills do you need to engage?

  • The first step is to be clear about your identity in this season. In moving from your professional CAREER to a personal career that fits into your life plan, be clear about your skills, passion and what you want to engage in.
  • COMMUNICATE to be heard if you want to be noticed. The tools where communication happens is also changing. Take the time to understand the tools and become visible.
  • CONNECTIONS are key. The more diverse your networks, the better chance you have of connecting the dots and having the right CONVERSATIONS with the right people.
  • Become an expert in your field and be clear about how you want to engage. The opportunities often come through COLLABORATION with others. The collective of a few diverse people working together to complete a project may open more doors than trying to fit yourself into a problem that needs solving.
  • CO-CREATION of ideas can also be a way to bring your skills to market. Several pieces together create what you cannot do on your own.

These skills and the process can be applied across paid/unpaid work and volunteering. Here are a few examples to help you gain perspective on the process.

  1. A financial company wants to write a series of articles on wealth, health and life planning. They do not have the skills in-house and cannot find one expert across all three categories. Three experts collectively combine their skills for the project and land the job.
  2. You are an engineer and would love to give back to your industry through mentoring. You join an organisation called 50plus-skills that lands a contract looking for 30 mining mentors. You have part-time work for 18 months and still have time to do all the other activities on your bucket wheel.
  3. You love to sew/crochet/counsel and enjoy being involved in projects helping others. You join a group that has this as a vision and become involved.
  4. There is a large group of unemployed youth in your area. A group who care bring their collective skills together and start an incubator type program. Find a sponsor for the project and make a difference.

The scenarios are endless. The secret lies in CONNECTING the dots and watching the magic unfold. It starts with you. Start the year with this mindset and watch the plan unfold.


  • I think this is applicable to old and young. Anyone unsure or unhappy with his/her career or current employment will do well applying the six C’s

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