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This week, Kim Potgieter and Kim Forbes met with Moira Allan, co-founder and international co-ordinator of ‘Pass It On Network’, a global program ExchanXge for Positive Aging.  Moira is a South African who has been living in France for a number of years, and it is here that she first discovered her fascination with an emerging generation: those who are living productively and healthily beyond the traditional retirement age.  This launched Moira into a journey of discovery and learning – and now, she shares the expertise and knowledge with everyone … especially those who are saying, “But I am too young to retire!”.

A visit to is well worth the time to do so – this is where innovative minds from around the world meet to explore, document, and spread creative insights that are shaping a new way of talking and of being as we adapt to a longer life span. The shared knowledge seeks to answer questions such as:

How can we be useful to ourselves, to each other and to our communities?
How can we remain independent and self-sufficient?
How can we keep on learning?
Where are we going to live in the long term?
Who will care for us if and when necessary?

You can contribute your story, your insights, your wisdom, your ideas. As the website says: “We are living the longevity in real time. We are both the actors and the producers.”

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