The most dangerous piece of equipment of the 21st Century

You may think this might be heavy machinery, or possibly really fast vehicles are the most dangerous.  But, no, you would be wrong.  You may be surprised to learn that it is an everyday piece of furniture to be found in homes, offices, schools, government institutions.  It is the ubiquitous chair!

Research has found that being seated for six hours or more a day has an enormous impact on your long-term health.  A 2012 study in which the lives of a select group of Norwegians was tracked for 14 years yielded the following results:  sitting was the most common factor contributing to death.

Sitting is an independent risk factor; that means that no amount of exercise can mitigate the impact of six hours of sitting every day.  The key is always to interrupt your sitting – at least every half hour – by activating your body in some way:  visit the bathroom (on a different floor to your office would be a great idea!), make yourself a cup of tea (imitate your favourite Strictly Ballroom star while waiting for the water to boil), or simply turn around in one direction, then another.  This may seem a small action but it makes a huge difference!  Set reminders for yourself if you need it – but make sure you are not in that same position hour after hour (often an unhealthy posture, anyway – hunched over a computer screen or slouching on a couch!).

Here’s to a healthier body and better posture – just from a few simple moves.

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