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Almost 70 and still lots to do

There is so much you can achieve for the betterment of the community

Peter (far left) and his rhino rescue team

Peter Darroll, when faced with the opportunity to retire some years ago, insisted that he still had too much to contribute to the workplace. Over and above his day job, he is involved with a number of give-back and personal growth initiatives … and is passing the message on.

“I looked at my previous mentors in their retirement, and saw that they had become people I no longer wanted to emulate.  They played bowls together six times a week, and, on the seventh, they play snooker.  I told myself that there has to be more to life,” says Peter.

Peter had attended three Refirement seminars by Lynda Smith (read Lynda’s latest story on the Retire Successfully’s website) and was inspired to turn the second half of his life into something even more valuable.  In this quest, he came across Bob Buford’s book: “Halftime”, and joined the Johannesburg arm of the Halftime Institute based in Dallas,Texas.

Halftime programmes

In his book, Buford describes how, after pursuing success in the business world for years, he recognised that his life held no significance.  In his efforts to remedy this, he created the Halftime Institute, with the vision of turning the latent energy of influencers and leaders into active energy.  Peter sees his calling as trying to inspire others to capture the vision of creating
significance in the second half of their lives.

The Institute offers a year-long programme, which commences with an intensive two-day workshop. The programme is structured around either one-on-one coaching or group sessions with like-minded peers also eager to discover their calling.

For those interested in the programme or just joining the club, contact Mathilda at 082 903 2894 or register on the website www.halftime.co.za.

The Monday Club

From 2000, Peter and a few friends met for lunch on a Monday once a month (this completely unrelated to Halftime). The Tsunami in Thailand and surrounds in 2004, and the devastation it wreaked, gave them pause; when they found that while 155 000 people perished from the earthquake and tsunami, 2 million died in sub-Saharan Africa that same year from AIDS (international HIV and AIDS charity, AVERT, estimated it at over 3 million). The Monday Club chose to focus on an AIDS mission, but, Peter admits, it became a chequebook challenge, rather than real involvement, and they changed direction.

Currently, the Monday Club supports Ikageng, a non-profit organisation that gives the children of Soweto an opportunity to be educated and grow into employable adults.  Since 2006, the Club, with substantial donations from non-Monday Club members, has delivered 587 food parcels to this organisation run by Carol Dyanti.  She sustains the livelihood of over 2000 children: paying for school fees, buying school uniforms and preparing monthly food parcels for the families.  Ikageng offers emotional support and counselling, and employs 20 caregivers, paid by the government. Visit Ikageng.org.za to find out more.

Rhino Rescue Project

Last year, Peter involved his company in rhino rescue project, and their support was instrumental in saving the life of a newly-born rhino baby Peter chuckles as he tells the story of how the mother, whom they intended would follow the path opened for her in the bush, turned and headed fast in Peter’s direction (he having chosen to stay close to watch proceedings rather than return to the landrovers as instructed.  He was not chuckling at this stage …). “This is one of the most exciting projects in which I have ever been involved,” says Peter.

With such extensive involvement in various initiatives, and a commitment to making a difference, Peter has ensured that he will never fulfil his greatest fear: to run the risk of doing nothing …

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