Surviving lockdown – tips from clients

We are all trying to navigate our way during this time of lockdown – these really are unprecedented times. Some days we seem to get it right, others horribly wrong and we wonder how we will get through the day, never mind the entire lockdown period. The saying “The only way out is through” certainly rings true during these times. By now we have all hopefully found a routine that provides structure and meaning to our days.

We decided to ask our clients to share their tips on surviving lockdown, the response to our request was overwhelming, and the tips we received were informative, insightful and innovative.

A theme that seems to carry through with many of the clients is one of connection. Staying connected with our families, neighbours and wider communities is a top priority for most. Many clients have taken to regular Zoom or WhatsApp calls with their families and friends, which is proving to be a great way to stay in touch. Evening neighbourhood drinks (all at acceptable distances of course,) have become the norm in many complexes.

WhatsApp groups have also proved a lifeline, and our clients are certainly making the most of them, whether it be asking neighbours to pick up groceries, sharing recipes, and even assisting in completing projects.

Clients also shared with us how some of their family and friends are staying connected to the outside world. One client made mention of a buddy system that they use at her daughter’s company in London. Each staff member is allocated a buddy to check in with every day – such a meaningful activity, especially as there are so many people locked down alone.

Clients are also using this time to cook together, making meals that provoke memories and relishing in the conversations that ensue.

At the heart of surviving lockdown seems to be routine. Whether we still work or are retired, we need to have some order to our day to avoid wasting endless hours watching mindless TV.

Many clients mentioned that a big part of their routine is to include time for exercise each day. Our clients are finding novel ways to keep fit, some are exercising in the garden, some on the treadmill, some have even taken to line dancing in the garage. There certainly is no shortage of creativity, we even have a client who invented a contraption that enables him to train in his pool.

Hobbies, both old and new have been keeping clients busy and we have received some wonderful online resources. Clients continue to have book club, sew, and play bridge with friends. One client has even taken to watching live streamed game drives in the Kruger Park which a beautiful way to stay connected to nature.

The free hours in the day have provided clients time for reflection, its been so wonderful to see so many clients use this time to write down their thoughts and keep gratitude journals. Time at home has meant that Vision Boards are being completed, and motivational books that have been on the TBR pile are being devoured.

The final lockdown tip we received comes from a client’s mother who recently celebrated her 98th birthday. She looks absolutely fantastic, and it’s clear to see that she takes pride in her appearance, wearing her pearls every day. While it is easy to not get out of your tracksuit or put on make-up during lockdown, her tip to us is a wise one – Don’t let yourself go!

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  • Hi, we’ve rediscovered playing games. Hauled out chinese Chequers, Rumicub, trivial pursuit, Bananagram (scrabble) and card games.
    Also using Zoom conferencing to keep in touch with family is three locations on the same call – most weve ever communicated together probably!
    Also lockdown has some theraputic side effects. No time pressure, dont have a busy schedule to worry about. sleeping well, enjoying more home cooking, exercising at home, catching up on a bit of TV – all good for de-stressing and we are also talking to each other about the future plans. No problems and all in a smallish apartment. A sea view helps !

    • Thanks for sharing all your tips Mike. It sounds like you are keeping busy, but at the same time de-stressing – a perfect balance. Stay safe and enjoy your view.

  • Not only is “lockdown” a time of distancing, it is a time of “unlocking” the inner self. A time to get to know who you really are.
    Where am I in all this “meltdown.” Where am I going with all this, and what can I do to help others in the process. A time for family and friends, thank goodness, and at last. The inner man is coming to the fore and realising that one was meant to be a communal spirit, and not to live in isolation.
    So in conclusion. ” Love thy neighbour as thyself.”

    • Thanks for the comment Hans, we love the concept of unlocking your inner self. Lockdown is certainly making us question some of our age-old beliefs, and making us realise the importance of family and community.

  • Thank you for sharing everybody. The one thing that is a sure thing is that we all in this together! And we all do more or less the same thing to keep busy . I learned an important lesson, not to plan ahead so much! Never before I had such a empty spaced out Callander as now! To take everyday as it come and be thankful for it. I did also learn to do online shopping!

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