The survival trap

Many would say that they don’t have the time to focus on being, that life demands doing, action – work. That if you don’t do what “they” want, that you won’t survive.  We say that we have to work to survive, but the truth is deeper than this.  Many of us are not actually as afraid of starving, as we are of being seen as having no value, of being measured and found to be worthless.  We are afraid of the shame, the rejection and the aloneness that would come from being measured and found lacking.  Yes physical survival is real, but for most emotional survival is the dominant fear, driving a survival based life.

Because survival drives occupation, we get trapped in the uncomfortable comfort zones of making do with the mediocre careers and self-images that we have.  Just paying the bills and living for weekends and the occasional compliment seems to be the fate of many.  Trying to find enough food to eat and literally living inside the boundaries of poverty is also a sad state of the world.

Look into the eyes of the impoverished and the middle class worker and you will find too often the jail warder belief, “There is nothing else I can do!” Never is there the consideration of what more they can be, even within the confines of their harsh life conditions.  Never is there the opportunity to feel dignity of being, to know the worth of their presence regardless of the drought conditions of their outer world. By finding the dignity of being, many have elevated themselves above their less than dignified circumstances.

No prison and no poverty can take your dignity of being; only you can willingly give it up.  Don’t give it up, hold onto the one thing that life can never take from you – your being. Only you get to chose who you are.

Even when there is little you can Do there is everything you can BE.

You are worthy simply because you exist

Self worth is so tied up in doing, that we too rarely allow ourselves to experience the worth and dignity of simply being.  You are worthy not because of anything you do, but because you simply are.  Your being has worth byvirtue of its existence and nothing else.  An apple tree knows this.  Perhaps we should learn from nature, to value being ahead of doing.  What would that shift alone do for the world? What would it do for you?

  • The soul of an artist doesn’t come to earth to paint paintings; the soul comes to BE an Artist.
  • The soul of a healer doesn’t come to earth to heal people; it comes to BE a healer.
  • The soul of an apple tree doesn’t come to do apples; it comes to BE an apple tree.

You can only truly KNOW something when you have experienced BEING it.

We come to KNOW we come to BE.

You are on purpose and your existence matters.  Without you, there would be something essential missing from the universe.  Without you the universe would not be the same.  You may only feel like a drop in the ocean, but I tell you this, you have the power of the ocean inside of you… and the ocean knows you, even if you have forgotten the ocean.  When you find the ocean in you, you will feel like the river that runs towards the sea, not trying to climb hills but simply flowing in accordance with the deeper calling that draws you nearer to fully merge with your greatest self.  Follow that calling.

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