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Spotlight on Negester Onrusrivier

Negester Onrusrivier is a lifestyle estate for the over-50s, situated in a tranquil coastal town near Hermanus, Western Cape, South Africa. It offers a range of property options, including full-title homes and sectional-title apartments within the care centre. The estate’s architectural design draws inspiration from Cape Malay houses, Stellenbosch’s Dorp Street, and modern farmhouses.

Residents of Negester Onrusrivier enjoy a range of amenities, including a modern care centre with 50 residential units, a lunchroom, a living room, a small library, a hair salon, and a clinic. The estate also offers different care packages to suit individual needs.

Negester Onrusrivier offers the perfect retirement lifestyle for those seeking a secure and serene environment with easy access to amenities and attractions.

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Meet Negester Residents Peter and Jackie Mellowship

Peter and Jackie moved to the Negester North Estate in August 2014. Their primary reason for the move was downsizing to a more manageable property. Peter and Jackie were both in their sixties, and their children had all moved away (two of the three to overseas locations) and had their own families. They had a large property all to themselves with only occasional visitors.

Their part of the estate is purely residential, with no medical or care amenities, restaurants or communal facilities. It is a gated complex with 24-hour security and access control.

The bulk of the estate was designed with a 55+ theme featuring smaller, more manageable properties; in their case, their home is on one level, with wheelchair-friendly touches such as easy-access showers.

Socially, Peter and Jackie enjoy occasional lunches and dinner parties hosted by fellow residents at their homes. Having lived in the Hermanus area for 19 years, they most often socialise with friends made over the years rather than just in the estate.
Peter and Jackie have sound advice for others considering moving to an estate: carefully consider the type of facilities you will require in the future. Estates vary widely, ranging from purely gated communities to those providing comprehensive medical and care facilities. They know of several instances in which couples relocated to their estate, only to move once again shortly afterwards, because one partner needed access to medical care facilities. “Before making your decision, ask yourselves those tough questions,” recommend Peter and Jackie.

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