Snack for Stamina

Snack Attack

Who doesn’t love a good snack? The problem is if you’re not careful the snacking never stops. Choose high-fibre, lower-GI, or low-fat protein-based snacks. Read labels to determine the approximate energy (kilojoule or calorie) content so that you do not munch too much.

The following each provide 500-750 kJ (120–180 kCal) of energy:

1–2 pieces fresh fruit (tennis ball sized)

1–2 boiled eggs

½–1 cup yoghurt

¼ tub chunky cottage cheese mixed with 1 Tbsp seeds or dried fruit

A few slices of lean cold meat or smoked salmon

40g / 1.4oz cheese (matchbox sized)

A small handful (40g/1.4oz) dried fruit

Health bar providing no more than 750 kJ (180kCal)

2–3 crackers, such as oatcakes

1 cup crudités with 2–3 Tbsp dip, such as hummus.

4 Steps to Successful Snacking


  • Plan ahead. Shop monthly for non-perishables (trail mix, nuts, dried fruit) and weekly for perishables (fresh fruit, crudités, dips).
  • Order online, and create standard shopping lists to save time.
  • Look out for healthy snack options from caterers, home-delivery businesses, or health shops.
  • Have enough different containers and packets for packing snacks.


  • See more, eat more. Buy the correct portion size for snacks (500–750 kJ / 120–180 kCal) or pack bulk items into ziplock packets or small containers.
  • Get some kitchen therapy and bake your own smart snacks. Many can be frozen. The time spent will be well worth it when you have the right snacks to grab while on the go.


  • Put your snacks in your environment; desk drawers, car cubbyhole, handbag, pantry, boardroom, travel or laptop bag.
  • Have the right equipment to support snacking for stamina, such as a cooler bag, ice blocks, shaker bottles, water bottles, disposable cutlery, and waterless hand sanitizer or wet wipes.


  • Snack for stamina every two to three hours.
  • If need be, a meal can be replaced with two or three snacks for a woman, or three or four snacks for a man.images (3)
  • Forget to eat? Take advantage of technology. Set a timer or alarm, or look out for smartphone applications that will remind you to snack.

Use the steps to successful snacking for stamina and set yourself up for snacking success by placing a selection of
snacks in your environment. If you find that your evening meal is your largest meal of the day, commit to having an afternoon snack with the intention of curbing your appetite, making it easier to eat a smaller evening meal.

Snacking for stamina and having SMART snacks at regular intervals during the day will help you stay energised.

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