The Sands of Time – why activity keeps us young

You’re getting older. I know you don’t like hearing it, but the fact is that we’re all trapped in the clutches of Mother Time and she isn’t letting go. What we have to remember though is that growing older doesn’t make you ancient; it makes you human.

Nobody enters their 50th year to find their clothes no longer fit or that stairs have become impassable overnight. You do need to take steps to maintain your health in the long run, however, and there are a few inescapable factors we have to deal with.


Our metabolism slows down over time. Maintaining the same exercise-to-diet ratio that you did ten years ago will make your clothes a little tighter around the waist than you’d expect. In light of this, might it be time for a change?

Where Are My Hormones?

Our hormones are responsible for many of our youth-like qualities. One unfortunate price we pay for our growth in wisdom and responsibility is that their production falters. There’s nothing we can do to increase it, but by using our behaviour to boost our health and wellbeing, we can counterbalance its effects.

Old Bones

Hopefully, you took mother’s advice and drank plenty of milk as a youngster and were rewarded with healthy, strong bones. Sadly, these also deteriorate with age as they lose calcium and other minerals making them both more soft and weak.

While we don’t mean to make ageing sound quite so daunting, it is important we consider our own mortality now and again. Fortunately for us all, each of these age-based nuisances can be countered with the right mindset.


Take control of your body by exercising and reclaiming your youth. Fauja Singh epitomised this by being the oldest man ever to run a marathon, at 101 years old. Before you panic, we aren’t asking you to run 26 miles, swim across the sea or climb Everest; do whatever exercise you can, within your daily schedule, to provide your brain with fresh, oxygenated blood.

Get to know the local park by walking there a few days a week. If you’re desk bound (which sadly the majority of us are) then why not take a few calls on your feet or take a stroll to a nearby shop instead of the canteen for lunch?

Gym work and intense cardio are great for the body, but what we’re really advocating is that need to energise your body every single day in smaller ways. They say sitting is the new smoking, and we’re all getting steadily addicted. Break the mould and start activating today: reignite your metabolism, build stronger muscles and boost your brain power.

Don’t worry about the extra candles on your birthday cake – if you’re active and in control, you can probably even afford an extra slice this year!

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