Rolfes in South West Finland

As we get ready to leave Finland, the UK is starting to prepare to leave Europe. I think it will be a lot easier for us, in spite of the many happy memories we have of this interesting, beautiful country, with its friendly people. We have really enjoyed Helsinki and the South Western 3parts of Finland. This part of Finland is a lot more open, with beautiful fields of wheat and grass.

We had a most interesting day with Gustav Rehnberg, a fifth-generation farmer on the same farm. He is one of the biggest and most 4progressive farmers in the area, and it was so interesting learning all about his organic farming. He sells his fillet steaks for €50 a kilo (R850 a kilo). Farming 50kms from Helsinki, he has quite a tourist industry going including his museum, an original Swedish King Gustav 1 castle built in the 1500s. He is Swedish and married to a Finn. Swedish is the common language in this part of Finland and all the town’s roads and buildings have names in both languages.

Helsinki is a beautiful city, very modern with some lovely old buildings. We enjoyed a wonderful lunch with
Malla, who runs a catering school for 500 students. We found the visit most interesting, and the meal 2excellent. Another highlight was attending one of the midsummer night festivals with a bonfire on a lake.

On Tuesday, we take the ferry to Tallinn in Estonia.

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