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Retirement as we know it is over. THE BEST IS YET TO COME!

Many people, when they think of retirement, think of it as something negative, with the focus being on financial planning only. And while money is important, at Retire Successfully we believe retirement is about so much more – because whether you are a millionaire or on a government grant, you have the same amount to spend in retirement: 168 hours per week.

Because human beings are living longer than ever before, at least a third of their life may well be spent in retirement, yet most people spend more time planning their annual holiday than planning for their retirement. When you were younger, you may have made plans regarding your tertiary education, your career and family. That was extremely wise. Now you need to carefully consider not only the financial aspects of retirement but also the lifestyle you desire – how you would like to live out your retirement years.

We at Retire Successfully have a vision of retirement as a NEW BEGINNING and not the beginning of the end.

Life is filled with a multitude of activities that demand your time, and you have been required to play a range of roles through the years. Retirement has the potential to be one of the most exciting times of your life as, in most cases, it gives you the best of both worlds – flexibility of time yet fewer of the numerous responsibilities you previously had. Even if your time and resources are not as flexible as you would like them to be, your transition into retirement can provide an exhilarating opportunity for you to redesign your life in the way that you want it to be.

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Our aim is to help you retire successfully by helping you develop a sound yet fulfilling RETIREMENT PLAN.

Our philosophy is that a HOLISTIC APPROACH will lead to your enjoying a happy and meaningful retirement. Focusing solely on your finances is short sighted. Your financial plan and the plan you have for your life are intertwined, so the way you structure your investments depends on what you want to do with your money. You therefore need to define what is important to you at this vital stage of your life, and then make sure you align your financial plan with your new priorities.

We therefore encourage you to look beyond your financial commitments to the place where MONEY AND MEANING MEET.

We believe that BALANCE is vital in achieving success in your retirement.

Your life consists of many facets and some may be more important to you than others, but if you neglect one area of your life it can affect the others. For example, having excellent personal relationships would be of little value if your health were poor and you weren’t able to fully enjoy those who are important to you. That is why, in order to feel fulfilled in retirement, it is important that you consciously consider your current and future goals and set aside time for every area of your life.

Our hope is that, when you retire, you do so ON PURPOSE, AND WITH PURPOSE.

Feeling relevant and useful is crucial to feeling fulfilled. When people retire without a plan and lose their purpose they become disconnected and depressed. You may choose never to retire completely but, no matter how you manage this stage of your life, we urge you to find a cause or an activity that creates meaning, gives you a sense of significance and helps you feel valued.

This can be achieved by having a retirement plan that consists of more than money!