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On the 24th of September 2011, as part of the Moving Planet initiatives around the world, Indigo Skate Camp set out to plant 111 orange trees in and around the Zulu village of Isithumba in the Valley of 1 000 Hills, Durban.

This was an ideal follow up from a Plant-For-The-Planet visit to Indigo Skate Camp in August to promote growing trees to offset carbon emissions.  Through a partnership with Food & Trees for Africa (FTFA), Chartered Wealth Solutions was able to provide Indigo with an abundance of trees.

Chartered Wealth Solutions assist their clients in retiring successfully by firstly, determining their life goals and dreams; a vision of the life they want to lead in retirement, and then, by designing a unique and thorough retirement plan that can fund this vision.

We encourage our clients to consider fulfilling the non-monetary areas of their lives when planning their retirement.  ‘Giving back’ is just one of the eight areas on our ‘wheel of balance’ for achieving a successful retirement.  For this reason, we have decided to donate the money that would have been spent on end of year gifts for our clients, to Indigo Skate Camp.  We are delighted to be supporting this initiative, together with and on behalf of our clients.” says John Campbell.

On 24 September, there was a great turnout with over 80 Plant-For-The-Planet ambassadors aged between 5 and 20 who were there to plant for their future health and the health of their planet.

Says Dallas Oberholzer, CEO of Indigo Skate Park, “It seems a bit incongruent preaching to some of the lowest impact people on our planet about living a sustainable lifestyle when they have such a comparatively low ecological footprint. But this message needs to be taken everywhere as we can all contribute to the survival of our planet and its inhabitants.”

This initiative will have direct benefits for the community at large particularly during the winter months when immune systems are weaker.  The typical diet in this community lacks fresh food intake.

A note on the skate park…

The idea of introducing skateboarding to a rural Zulu community has proved to be a stepping stone to the opportunities tourism (and a skate camp) can provide.  Skateboarding to our expanding group of youths is more than a fun activity, it is a way to meet friends from faraway places, develop social skills and learn firsthand about the hospitality industry.

The local Zulu chiefs in the valley have given their blessings to the project and have given further land to build a concrete skate park and further accommodation.  There is also a fledgling organic farming project as they would like to have a low impact effect on the natural environment. Intending to live in balance with nature and respect the ancient knowledge and customs of the Zulu nation is the credo of this NGO.


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