There is nothing to fix, but everything inside to free

Colleen-Joy Page urges us to uncover our true and authentic selves

When we are feeling unfulfilled in an area of our lives our automatic response is to try to fix it.  As if its inability to give us fulfilment implies that it must be broken.  We often make the mistake of thinking that we can find fulfilment by fixing what appears to be broken.  So we try to fix our relationships, our careers and other aspects that make up our outer world.  But this is never a lasting or authentic solution.  In our endless quest for fulfilment we more often than not come up short, because what is actually missing cannot be found in the outer world, through relationships or even through our careers.  The answers are in fact safely hidden far closer to home.

If there is a feeling of something missing, it is almost always more of you.  You don’t have to fix your outer world, why not try freeing your inner world.  Changes to your outer world won’t help you to be your authentic self.  And what you ache for is to be who you truly are.  The only place to find yourself is inside of yourself.  Not in fixes or changes to any external anything.

Changes to your outer world won’t help you to be your authentic self.

The good news is that you are already, and have always been, you.  Though you may be buried under layers of defences, or hidden behind masks, or wrapped in veils of pain, you are still there.

You don’t need to find the true you through conquests or actions, and you don’t need to prove who you are to anyone.  There are tools, insights and some helpful exercises to assist you in excavating the authentic you out from under the covers of your life.  But you are not lost, nor have you gone away.  You don’t need to be fixed or improved, you just need to be freed.

How do you use this insight?

It starts with trusting the feeling that you are more than you currently believe yourself to be!  More than an apple tree sampling trying to fit into the orange tree orchard, more than a number trying to survive amongst the masses, more than an insignificant name in a sea of people.

Know that your existence matters and has meaning.  Then start looking for signs of the true you.  Watch out for things that spark your interest.  Think back to your past and look for clues to the kinds of activities that seem to light you up inside.  Look for activities that wake your being, that bring you feelings of peace, passion, excitement, timelessness, fullness.  There will be more of you present when thinking, saying or doing these things.

Doing should be self-expression flowing most naturally from your truest self.  For the apple tree, making apples is a natural expression of itself, an expression that brings joy and fulfilment.  So follow your joy and trust your fulfilment as a clue to your essence.

There is a true you that, like the apple tree, can’t help but be who it is, wherever it is.  It is your default when you are free from the prisons of fear and social conditioning.  It is the you that has a unique role and personal beingness which, when fully expressed, will flow naturally from you and bring you great joy.  So look for the roles you naturally play.  Are you naturally the teacher – no matter where you are?  Are you naturally the care giver, the solver of problems, the leader, the storyteller, the healer, the builder, the creative one…?  Where do you naturally gravitate to, no matter where you are?

Instead of living a life of doing, make yours a life of being.

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