There is nothing to DO, there is everything to BE

Most of us believe that our life purpose is about DOING something.  That we would add the most meaning to our lives through our actions.  As a result, we regularly face painful questions like:

“Am I doing the right thing?”

“Am I doing enough?”

“Am I doing it well enough?”

“What if I am putting all this effort into doing something that is not my real purpose?”

“What if I do all of this and still feel unfulfilled?”

Do you feel sometimes that your day is filled with doing, and yet you still feel unfulfilled?  That is because your life purpose is not about DOING, it is about BEING.

Living your life purpose is not about doing or doing enough.  Doing is significant, it has a place, but it is wise to put Doing in second place to Being.

Your Life Purpose is to BE your truest self

Living your life purpose brings the ultimate fulfillment.  Fulfillment has nothing to do with doing.

Fulfillment comes through the experience of being your truest self freely in the world 

If your focus is on doing you will miss the point.  You will miss out on the adventure of unfolding who you are in the world.  You also risk putting much time and effort into paths that don’t reflect who you are, paths that lead to a life that feels empty and unfulfilling.  Doing things that are empty of who you really are (your being), feels as frustrating as an apple tree trying to make oranges.

  • Are you an apple tree trying to make oranges?
  • Have you lost touch with the part of you that feels alive and free?
  • Do you feel like you are hiding part or all of yourself?
  • Do you feel like something is missing from your life, but you are not entirely sure what it is?

If it feels like something is missing, it is very likely true that what is missing is the true YOU.

Your life purpose is not about being anyone else, or doing what anyone else does, it is about freeing yourself to being uniquely you – though the real you may be buried deep within yourself or afraid to stand tall in your life.  Your life’s purpose is to fully be in this world and say lovingly in your heart, “I am this.”

It may sound like a simple thing, but the quest to unveil and BE your true self in the world, is the greatest of life quests.  And the rewards of the quest are to find the greatest treasures life has to offer.

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