Never tire of life: travel instead

Two months touring some of the most beautiful countryside in the UK has gone by in a flash. We have been asked on numerous occasions: “Have you not seen all this before?”

I think the answer is very simple: if you are tired and bored with the beauty and wonder of nature, then you are tired of life.

We so enjoyed our time in Snowdonia, the Pembrokeshire Coast, North Wales, Brecon Beacons and The Gower Peninsular. The weather was not always good, but good enough for us to do plenty of walking and sightseeing, and get plenty of rest and reading time which we find essential at this stage in our lives.

We were able to enjoy time with my cousin and his wife at Penarth overlooking the Severn Estuary which has the second highest bore in the world; at certain times of the year it is possible to surf the incoming tide for miles.

On our way back to London we visited the Caen locks between Rowde and Devise in Wiltshire. It is a system of 29 locks built in a staircase nearly 200 years ago. Thomas Telford built the amazing 39 meter high aqueduct near Llangollen instead of the locks.

We are now looking after our son and daughter-in-law’s house and cats for the next two weeks while they holiday in France. We will then visit the West Country.

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