My life is a blank canvas, and I cannot wait to fill it

14“I have always loved painting and now I can spend so much more time doing it.” Former accountant, Aldie Kleynhans, smiles happily as she contemplates her new life in retirement.

After working for so many years, she is finding life without the daily routine of going to the office something of an adjustment, but realises that the retirement advice she received from Chartered Wealth changed her outlook on the future. “I am so excited now. Chartered Wealth’s Retiremeant philosophy has taught me that I have a brand new future after years of focusing just on work.”

Aldie has painted for as long as she can remember. “It’s been my hobby, my private passion. Normally I paint landscapes on canvas, but from time to time I paint other subjects, such as still-life scenes. I have also dabbled in other mediums, like ceramics.”

How good is her work? “Judging the quality of a painting is very subjective,” she explains. “I have never tried to sell12 my work commercially, so I normally just give them to friends and family who take an interest and enjoy art. Everyone seems to love my pieces, so I suppose there must be some quality there.”

What about going commercial, now that she has the time? “I don’t think so. I have never really considered selling my paintings. You need to understand that I do this for the love of it, not to make money. But that doesn’t mean I don’t take it seriously. I do. I always try to improve my style and I even want to experiment with new ideas, like stone painting. I hear that’s a new trend.”

According to the Retiremeant philosophy of Chartered Wealth’s Kim Potgieter, life should consist of a balance of 13factors, including work, relationships, money, play, health, learning, purpose and giving back to others. This is exactly how Aldie views things. “I see my life as a big circle,” she explains. “While work is diminishing in importance, other things are emerging. My painting is just one thing. Although it’s important, it’s not the only thing in my life. I feel the need to give back so I have taken a young girl, Mathapelo, under my wings. She is the niece of my domestic worker. She is young, smart and ambitious, so I have arranged for her to get proper schooling, give her extra lessons, and everything else that goes with nurturing a young person.”

For newly-retired Aldie Kleynhans, the circle of life is in full swing. Her painting will give her much-needed satisfaction and growth, while caring for a young girl will fulfil the need to give back. Indeed, Aldie’s life is a blank canvas in more ways than one, a canvas that she is eager to fill with the brightest of colours.

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