More reasons to say Yes!

I sometimes feel undecided. It’s like sitting on a seesaw, carefully balanced right in the middle between going up and down.

Saying “yes” as opposed to “no” is just like that. The weight of the extra responsibility may topple you downwards to “no” – but, what if you said “yes”? What if your “yes” opens up an opportunity to meet someone wonderful, experience something truly amazing or learn something quite unexpectedly? Caption: Kim in her garden with Helen and two club members

I received a call in July this year from lady who introduced herself as Helen. She heard that I had a lovely garden and wondered if she and some members of her garden club could view it as a venue option for their next event. I was hesitant. I had been so busy and didn’t really want to take on an extra project. Also, inviting strangers into my home feels like an intrusion into my private space.

To my astonishment, I said “yes!” Helen then surprised me by saying that she needed to inspect and assess my garden for its suitability to host the function. At that moment, I desperately wanted to replace my “yes” with a resounding, regrettable “no!” But I really could not retract my offer.

I finally met Helen during the site visit to my garden. We started chatting and she shared her story with: she had felt at a complete loss after her husband was murdered in their home after a senseless break-in. Searching for beautiful gardens to host the Union of Jewish Women’s charity events had kept her motivated to get out of bed and make a difference in the world. It’s something she really enjoys doing and it gives her a wonderful new purpose.

Helen’s story shook me and I realised anew how strong and resilient people are. Even though Helen is still struggling to make sense of this tragedy, helping others has given her the strength and willpower to rise, face life and still make a significant and fulfilling contribution.

Two months later, forty ladies enjoyed a wonderful morning in my garden. I shared with them the philosophy of how our money beliefs impact our relationship with money and our lives. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the event and a good sum of money was raised for the less privileged.

I feel so fortunate that I had the opportunity to meet Helen and the other members of her club – they truly do inspirational and courageous work.

Why not try saying “yes” the next time you’re asked? It may just open up a world of magic and new opportunities that will surpass your expectations.

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