Monsoon over Laos

Following Sybille on her travels 

And so my 3 weeks in Laos are coming to an end. I have just reserved my seat on the sleeper bus from Luang Prabang to Vinh on the Vietnamese coast, which will be another epic journey of 18 hours +. Experience has taught me that during the rainy season you are wise to add on a few hours to your travels, and be grateful if you survive the trip without major breakdowns or hold-ups.

The same evening I arrived tired and emotional at Don Det Bungalows a tough young Swiss girl had walked past determined to get to her booked accommodation +/- 3 km further south at the tip of the island. Now you must remember, it was pitch dark, drizzling and the path was one mud bath!! Ani, the proprietress of the establishment finally managed to convince the lass that it was sheer madness to carry on, and Jill eventually capitulated and decided to seek shelter here. And with that I had found a travel buddy for the rest of my adventure through this amazing country.

The following day Jill rented a bicycle to get to her original accommodation and explain what had happened and rode through a puddle which was deeper than she thought and ended up submerged in the mud, barely managing to save her heavy carry-on from disaster. She had to shower three times before the green dye from her recently purchased pants was scrubbed off her legs. So, cycling is not such a good idea during monsoon rains! But what is impressive is to explore the myriad of waterfalls around the 4000 Islands.  Khone Phapheng Waterfalls are supposedly the largest in South East Asia by sheer volume and I can believe this.

The Khone Phapheng Waterfalls on the mighty Mekong River Sleeping Quarters

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