Marina and Frank Davis’ list of lockdown tips

Here are some of the things we are doing to stay focused and positive under the circumstances:

  1. Marina has found a wildlife site which live-streams game drives in the Kruger Park:
    • Morning drives are from 06h00 t0 09h00.
    • Evening drives are from 15h30 to 18h30.
    • The site is called Wild Earth.
    • The link is
    • Marina starts most of her days watching the early game drive, in bed with a cup of coffee and rusks.
  2. Enjoying watching, and photographing, the birdlife in our garden.
  3. Instead of our usual daily shopping, we only go the shops every 7-10 days, to stay safe.
  4. Enjoying being creative with cooking, enjoying watching our three children, two spread around SA and one in Amsterdam, also getting creative with meal preparation.
  5. Having video calls on WhatsApp, as a family, to stay close together.
  6. To keep informed of the news, but trying to avoid information overload -not so easy.
  7. To keep a sense of humour, this is helped by all the funny stuff received on WhatsApp.
  8. Most of all, to keep a positive outlook, although the health threat around the world and the terrible drop in the stock markets is of real concern.

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