Do you have a map and a mirror to navigate your journey?

Life is a journey and we take ourselves on this trip each and every day.  We often let life happen to us and do not plan for it the same way we do for a planned holiday to an exciting destination.

As we head for this next life stage that used to be called “retirement” do we ever consider that we may need a map and a mirror?

The map is more to guide us and help us navigate the direction we want to take.

The mirror is there to help us look at our gifts, talents and character to ensure that we are equipped for the journey.

Here are a few ideas around planning your journey.


  • What does the landscape look like? Has the world changed in the last 20 years and what trends could impact my journey?
  • How will technology impact my decisions?
  • Will I stay where I am or move?
  • Do I want to work? If so where, when and how?
  • How will my health impact this process?
  • Will the amount of money I have affect the decisions?


  • What is my attitude towards this adventure? In fact, do I see it as an adventure, a holiday or a road downhill to an institution?
  • Am I aware of my gifts and talents?
  • In my last journey I had a title that I no longer have, is this going to impact how I feel about myself in my retirement journey?
  • Who will accompany me on this adventure? Do we have similar goals and aspirations?

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