Make this your year by creating new habits

To sustain your motivation to change, use the three simple tips in this article.

In today’s ever-changing, busy and complex world, the need for new ways to stay resilient, to stay energised and to stay healthy are of vital importance … especially if you want to #MakeThisTheYear!

Prioritising self-care is essential for older adult wanting to maximise longevity and juvenescence (the ability to stay younger for longer!).

“Efforts to improve health are forestalled … through our failure to convert what we reliably know into what we routinely do.” Dr David Katz, founding director, Yale University’s Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center, and current President of the American College  Lifestyle Medicine.

Your life won’t get better by chance – it will get better by change. Life applauds action, not intention. Unfortunately, many of us set ourselves up for repeated failure by making too many changes to our lifestyle at once.

Behavioural science tells us that the tinier a new habit is, the easier it is to practise it and this leads to positive reinforcement which then drives further behaviour change.

To make this the year of wellness for yourself, create new lifestyle habits that will be easy to sustain and set yourself up for success both in happiness and in health!

Professor BJ Fogg from Stanford University has some very interesting research and processes to support this concept under the banner of Tiny Habits™.  A new behaviour, such as drinking more water, is more likely to be successful if you:

  • firstly, are motivated to make the change;
  • secondly, keep it as easy and simple as possible; and
  • thirdly, attach the new behaviour to a current one, for example, have a glass of water with every cup of coffee or tea.

#MakeThisTheYear for sustainable change

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