Lockdown tips from Michelle Reid

As the owner of a small business who has been working virtually for the past two years, you would imagine that the past few days in lockdown for me would be easy and relatively simple to navigate. This has unfortunately not been the case with increased ‘traffic’ on both my laptop and my cellphone and this is without drilling down into SMSs, Whatsapps, E-mails, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and the likes.

I am a naturally planned person so planning comes easy for me. The challenge however is to exclude my coffee dates and other social interactions which would normally populate my day.

These few points are what have helped me to manage:

  1. Plan and diarise all the activities which are routine i.e. quiet times, meal times, personal admin, business etc
  2. Make a list of those activities that you have been putting off for ever i.e. cleaning and clearing of cupboards, sorting through your clothing and discarding what doesn’t fit or what you haven’t worn for a long time or packaging those older books which you can donate to the local library or church
  3. Break the chores up into bite size chunks i.e. if you have a kitchen with many cupboards, segment the kitchen into four and diarise to work in these areas separately and diarise these, making sure you are allocating enough time for each activity
  4. List the projects that you would like to do or plan i.e. a photobook of an occasion or planning a herb garden and diarise these.
  5. Ensure that you also diarise breaks and down time for reading, an afternoon nap or just sitting and having a cuppa with your partner.
  6. If you are allocating business time, make sure that you separate the place that you do business from the place that you would eat or watch your favourite TV series.
  7. You cannot visit people at the moment so why not set up a Zoom or Skype call? At least seeing people, even if it is on a screen, is encouraging.
  8. My husband and I have scheduled quiz nights with friends using Zoom. Each of the people on the call must think of 5 questions to ask. There is always a lot to learn and interesting facts to hear about.

Don’t change your normal schedule by getting up late and watching Series on Netflix until all hours – there is so much to do during this time!


These sites are provided free until the end of May, for people isolated at home due to Coronavirus.

  1. Free audio books from Amazon in 6 languages
  2. Free virtual Visits to 17 European museums.
  3. 700 Free books from Cambridge press
  4. Free Broadway shows
  5. Yuppiechef online cooking classes- free for a month

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