Lockdown tips from Margaret Kearns

Margaret Kearns

I have got used to being on my own, so the social isolation has not been that bad, but I am missing going out. I don’t have TV, only Netflix and I think I have seen everything worthwhile including some really terrible stuff, dubbed and subtitles, so I have exhausted that entertainment for now. My lifeline is the internet and unlimited fibre. I absolutely love Instagram and can while away the hours looking at pretty pictures and imaging a time when the lockdown is over, and I can enjoy inviting people over.

I would like to tell you about what my daughter in London is doing during lockdown. Kathryn works for Peninsular Petroleum and they have offices in 24 cities around the world where she is responsible for all their travel arrangements. They also have a superyacht with a crew that she managed to get home safely before the lockdown. Peninsular have implemented a ‘buddy system’ where every employee has a buddy with whom they check into every day. Kathryn’s buddy is her assistant, a young girl from Belarus living in London without any family. Kathryn also keeps in touch with their IT guy, who is currently in hospital having chemo, who is not allowed any visitors.

Kathryn lives in a tiny flat in Chelsea and she has a Japanese neighbour on the top floor who speaks very little English and Kathryn has become her buddy too. This has encouraged me to reach out and try and make contact with at least one person every day. I have been baking and even sent some goodies to my neighbour.

Another small thing suggested by my book club is that every time we wish we could do something, go somewhere, treat ourselves, see someone we love, visit a new place, or invite people to visit us, we are going to write it down on a post-it note and put it in a jar. When this is over, we will work our way through the jar and be more grateful than ever for the little and lovely things in our lives. Until then we’ll enjoy watching the jar fill up with magical things to look forward to.

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