Lockdown tips from Cathy Morris

Cathy and Bud Morris

I can’t believe we’re more than half- way through Lockdown! Time seems to have flown. I guess we do live in our Little Piece of Paradise in Pennington, KZN. There is nowhere else in the world we would rather be.

Well, what has Lockdown meant for Bud and me? I reckon the most important thing was to keep Bud away from people and all the germs. The Doctors had told him if he wanted to live another 10 years, we should we leave Edenvale. Eight Weeks later, businesses sold, house sold, vehicle sold, new home bought, and we were out of there. Almost seven years later and he is healthier than ever.

We have pretty much been in Lockdown for the last month. I have been out to Clicks Pharmacy to collect our Flu vaccinations and once for shopping. We have made sure we have enough “essentials” to last at least another month. We created a WhatsApp group for the 6 homes that are in Lockdown in Pennington Park – we are five couples, and my friend Rosie, who lives next door. The main aim of the group is for asking for help…golly…when was the last time any of us asked for help from our neighbours? I reckon we always assume our neighbours don’t need us, as sometimes we feel we don’t need them, but we all need each other.

These are the kind of messages on our group, “Hey, anyone going to the shops today…please can you pick up some bread and milk and fresh veggies?” We have put markers outside each unit and shopping gets left at x marks the spot. We disinfect the shopping in a mild solution of Milton and transfer the moola to whoever did the shopping, and Bob’s your Uncle.

Social distancing is a huge thing, especially for “huggy” person like me. What do they say, adapt or die, and dying is simply not an option -too much to live for! I have created a “Lockdown Ladies” WhatsApp group where we cook and bake and share. Lindy needed Coco to bake a chocolate cake. I put the container outside, sanitised of course, Lindy collected. Next thing…chocolate cake at X marks the spot. I baked cheese scones and delivered to their spots. Rosie needed movies, so I transferred a whole whack onto a flash drive for her. I needed faces put on my batch of bears I completed for the little rape victims at GJ Crookes Hospital, Rosie put the faces on for me.

For me, my heart goes out to those that are on their own. For those of us fortunate and blessed to have someone – embrace every moment. Love each other like there won’t be another day. Cook together, clean together, walk together wherever you are permitted. What do we feel deprived of during this Lockdown? Nothing. What do we miss the most? Not being able to do our morning walk on the beach and chatting to all the other “Golden Oldies” in Pennington. But hey, time will pass. We’ll come out on top. Be safe. And remember…SOCIAL DISTANCING AND WASH, WASH, WASH!!


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