Lockdown musings and tips to stay safe and sane from Ronelle Baker

So we’re in day 12 of lock down (by the time you read this it will be day 12) and we’re trying very hard to get some routine going.

Tip 1: The first thing in the morning is a time to give gratitude for where we live, how we live and we bring the multitude of less privileged people up in prayer. How would we be “distancing” if we lived in a squatter camp – so our first thought and prayer in the day is one of gratitude.

Tip 2: We then try to keep to a sensible routine, do a little gym in the garage, have a healthy breakfast with lots of coffee (Moses – where are you!!) and do one or two chores a day.


Tip 3: We try to have tea and a biscuit outside in the morning and afternoon, to catch that very welcome bit of sunshine before winter sets in and we eat very well. (More reason for enormous gratitude)

Tip 4: We also try to do the odd line dance in our garage, with the music very loud, which normally results in great mirth at how little we’ve absorbed during all the lessons we’ve had!

Tip 5: We have a video conference call every evening at 5pm with my nephew and his wife, when we discuss the day, what our plan is for tomorrow and have a small prayer session before ending our call.

Tip 6: And often we sit on our patch of lawn and have a drink with our neighbours who are sitting on their patch of lawn – another new way of communicating.

Learning to order provisions on line is a challenge, (more gratitude) and having technology around us that allows us to communicate with loved ones is another privilege. So many things we’ve taken for granted . . .

We trust all of the Chartered family are staying home and keeping safe and we wish you well over the next few weeks as this pandemic changes the world and our view of it.

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