Living your best retirement – part two

The greatest wealth is health

This is the second article in a series that appears in the monthly Inflight newsletter where I share lessons and insights gained from my clients on how to retire successfully.

One of the Life Areas on the Wheel of Balance is Health and whenever I get to this area I remind clients that without good health their money will likely be used to pay doctors bills.

I start by asking, “What kind of equipment is getting you around the road of life, a vintage performance bike or a dilapidated bike with bad breaks?”  The car analogy is useful but the reality is a car can be replaced, whereas your body (bar a few aesthetic body parts) cannot.  It is likely that you will probably require the use of your body for another 40 years, so if it is not in good nick now your only option is to restore it.  Like a vintage car, character is not a bad thing but the goal is to clean it up and get it running as well as you can.  Even if you have a disability or an ailment, you can still aim to make yourself as physically strong as possible.

Holistic health means having a healthy mind and body.  If you are open to alternative healing methodologies and metaphysics you are open to the idea that emotional blockages manifest into physical ailments so emotional and mental health would be a good place to start.  There is a huge amount of literature written about the mind-body connection and I encourage you to explore that.

If you are more interested in the purely scientific approach to health, there are mountains of research on the positive effects of a healthy diet and physical exercise.  I am not going to bore you with food pyramids and I am also not suggesting becoming a marathon runner, but I am not going to let you get away with sighting “age” as a reason to neglect your health.  If you listen closely your body will tell you exactly what it needs.

My only advice is that you find a form of physical activity that you enjoy.  Consistency is important when it comes to being active, and if you enjoy it the chances that you will stick to it are greater.  Gardening for example can improve your upper-body strength, walking is a good way to improve your cardio fitness and endurance, and core strength can be developed with Yoga or Pilates.  Whether you are interested in dancing, hiking or playing golf, it is never too late to start!

Here are few suggestions from clients at Chartered Wealth Solutions…

Ray and Laura Wilson started playing Bowls which takes them all around South Africa.  It not only keeps them active, but their social lives have improved too.  “Ray has found Bowls to be the most sociable sports out of all the sports he has played.” – Laura Wilson

Cath Hebden joined Run Walk for Life when she was diagnosed with Osteoporosis.  “One of the best decisions I have very made in my life was to join (Run Walk for Life) as the Osteoporosis is improving yearly and I feel so energetic and healthy today, mentally and physically.” – Cath Hebden

Reg Saunders at sixty nine realised he had never taken part in any form of exercise in his life and believed it was time to do something about it.  “Since starting Gym and walking I have been introduced to many interesting people that are my age, and younger as well.  I now enjoy a healthier and happier lifestyle in retirement.” – Reg Saunders

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