“Life is short – have fun!”

In October, I undertook on my annual learning trip – an overseas pilgrimage during which I aim to acquire a whole  new body of knowledge.

This year, I visited Zappos, an online shoe sales company, having read about them for years. I am intrigued by the fact that they say they are in the happiness business: they give the public such good service, they claim, that customers say ‘Wow!’ after purchasing their product – simply shoes!

The reason for my trip was two-fold:  firstly, to learn how to add to our clients’ Wow experience at Chartered Wealth – I always want you to know how much we value you; and, secondly, to explore how Zappos has built a phenomenal work culture by engaging staff fully and creating a hard-working but fun environment for them to grow and learn in.

I return ready to share many lessons, with the confidence that it will help us maintain a high standard of service at Chartered for you our clients. My hope is that you will feel WOW after engaging with us.

Sexy at 70 …

For those of you who may be concerned that my trips are too serious, I need to reassure you that, because I love to learn, learning also ticks the Play box for me.  With Play being the theme of this month’s newsletter, I must share a highlight of this trip: my visit to Las Vegas.

I must be one of the few people who spent not one rand at the famed casinos – I derive no sense of fun from gambling, but I did enjoy the vibe.  In Vegas, “everything goes”. I couldn’t resist seeing a show at the famous Caesar’s Palace and was proved wrong in my belief that I was too young to enjoy Rod Stewart. I knew all the words to the songs and am sure that, were I in the theatre next door listening to Britney Spears, I would not have known even a chorus. Rod (who turns 70 in January) opened the show with the words: “Life is short – have fun”, so I knew I was in good company. He concluded by singing “If you think I am sexy” to hundreds of excited women who were, no doubt, remembering how they felt when they first heard the song.

It is always great to share a memorable experience with somebody special – I was lucky my best friend from my school years joined me on my trip, and this made it so much more fun.

Thank you to our wonderful client, Charlie Watt, for sharing his way of enjoying his retirement … and inciting envy in others at the same time!  Keep an eye out for his over the weekends as he whizzes past in one of his classic cars!

So, it may not be in Las Vegas but, wherever it is, experience some fun – the Play part of the wheel of balance is as important as any of the others. As Ralph Waldo Emerson put it: “It is a happy talent to know how to play.”

Warm regards

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