Keurkenhof – a kitchen garden of breathtaking beauty

Chartered Wealth Solutions clients, Norma and Rhys Rolfe are probably our most enthusiastic travellers, and we love reading their regular updates.  This time, they are in beautiful Holland, witnessing the splendour of the blooming tulips.

“Words will never express the real story of Keurkenhof, but a couple of pictures will give some idea of the beauty and magnificence of the tulips planted in these gardens since 1950 when they were first opened to the public.

“Seven million bulbs are planted here each year. A hundred flower bulb companies display their products, and 500 flower growers present an enormous variety of cut flowers. Once the show is over all the bulbs are destroyed and a new crop is planted the following year. The bulbs are planted at three different depths to enable the show to last for 8 weeks.

“Keurkenhof means kitchen garden and goes back to the 15th century; the estate grew to an area of 240 hectares.

“We have been fortunate in being able to see fields of tulips, as well as the planting of the new season’s bulbs. It is very cool here with temperatures of around 6 degrees, but we are very comfortable in our motor home.”

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