Joining clubs – enhancing your Bucket Wheel®

Liz is one of those people who simply inspires you by just by being in her presence. She is a “glass half full” person whose passion and energy are contagious.

You have probably heard of the Clamber Club? It’s a fun learning club for babies, toddlers and preschoolers that develops a child’s brain and body in stimulating and fun ways.

Let us introduce you to Liz Senior, creator and founder of Clamber Club.

Liz started this initiative as a side-line business and finally established the Clamber Club in 1990. Over the past 28 years, she has built this business to 65 franchises and still runs the flagship branch. She has also produced a range of CDs, DVDs and toys for babies and young children that promote exercise and movement, all available at franchise outlets, baby stores and selected toy stores.

It is a rare find to meet someone who derives so much inspiration and fulfillment from her work. Liz finds the financial independence and freedom that the business brings extremely rewarding.

But Clamber Club brings so much more than just financial benefits. It also gives Liz the opportunity to give back. She loves making a difference when parents and children connect through Clamber Club and finds it gratifying to empower the various franchises.

Liz has just about perfected the art of living life in balance and has a natural, intuitive way of filling her Bucket Wheel® to ensure that she gives attention to the other parts of her life that bring her joy. Yes, of course, there is always room for improvement, and every Bucket Wheel® is a work in progress, but you would have to look long and hard at Liz’s Wheel® to find any gaps.

To cultivate both her friendships and connections, and also her “learning” (an added benefit), Liz has included clubbing on her list of meaningful activities.

Apart from Clamber Club, here are a few other clubs and hobbies that add significance to Liz’s life: a book club; lunch and dinner clubs with different groups of friends such as the Libra lunch club; an embroidery group; a Stokvel; and a monthly gathering of former school friends. She also sings in the Johannesburg Bach choir and is part of a walking group, doing such walks together as the Wellington wine walk.

Still on the topic of clubs and hobbies, Liz’s future plans include doing pottery, art lessons, improving her guitar skills and learning how to edit movies.

We love the fact that Liz has included these hobbies and clubs in her Bucket Wheel®. Joining a club or group has so many benefits: it allows you to meet new people, or if it’s a closed club, like Liz’s supper club, spending good, quality time with your friends. At the same time, it helps you to keep engaged and to learn something new.

We can think of no good reason why clubbing should not be a central part of everyone’s Bucket Wheel®.

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